Sequencer Software

Sequencer Software refers to what is commonly known as DAW software. Essentially, it is a program that allows users to record, sequence, mix and master songs within one application. Most will host VST instruments or effects for added creativity and quality. Sequencing software will usually deal with audio, MIDI and even video - such as Steinberg's Cubase 5. The software will typically act as a master user interface, making use of any external hardware such as soundcards and MIDI controllers - some such as Ableton Live can even be used as performance tools.

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Sequencer Software

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About Sequencer Software

Generally, all music software has four main features in common; they can record, edit, sequence and mix audio. However, some pieces of software are more suited to certain applications.

Ableton Live for example, is considered to be a live performance software, thanks to its ability to sequence, edit and loop on-the-fly.

Steinberg Cubase is generally considered to be a more production-orientated music program, and is great for recording engineers or recording musicians.

Propellerhead Reason is unique in that it is entirely based around MIDI production and emulates a studio rack in which you can virtually drop instruments and effects in and out of. Reason is a good tool for Hip-Hop and Electronic musicians.

Other popular DAW software such Sonar, Pro Tools and FL Studio all offer slightly different features and are suited to certain applications, so it is always recommended to do some research into which is most suited to your situation.

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