Yamaha reface CP Stage Electric Piano With Yamaha Bag & Strap Kit

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  • Electric Piano Complete with Strap Kit & Case
  • 37-Key Portable Stage Piano
  • Optional Battery Power
  • 6 Professional Keyboard Sounds
  • Includes A 5 Year Guarantee

Yamaha reface CP Stage Electric Piano With Yamaha Bag & Strap Kit


The Yamaha Reface CP Stage Electric Piano With Yamaha Bag & Strap Kit is a bundle compiled by Gear4music, providing you with the vintage sounding Yamaha Reface CP electric piano, strap kit and a Gear4music strap for turning it into an keytar. . The Yamaha Reface CP is a 37-key, stage electric piano featuring several classic electric piano and Rhodes sounds. The Reface CP features a lightweight and compact design, making it easily portable. This bundle is ideal for the live keyboard player, providing you with a carry bag that fits both the Yamaha Reface, and its accessories for travelling. The bundle also comes complete with an official carry bag for transporting your kit.

Special Offer: 3 months free Flowkey Premium available on any Yamaha digital piano or keyboard purchased between 15th July 2016 and 31st March 2019.

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Full Description

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Yamaha Reface CP Stage Electric Piano

On-Board Sounds

The Yamaha Reface CP features 6 on-board sounds from classic iconic '60s and '70s stage keyboards. The reface CP features several electric pianos, a Wurlitzer, Rhodes, toy piano, and clavinet. Featured on the Yamaha Reface CP are 2 electric stage pianos, reminiscent of the early and late '70s. These are the RdI and the RdII, 2 electric pianos popular in the '60s and '70s. The late '60s Wr reed electric piano is also included, as well as the Clv (clavinet), toy piano, and Yamaha CP80 electric grand piano. The on-board sounds provide you with a range of classic sounds ideal for funk, jazz, and hip hop, which will add some vintage flavour to your productions.

Vintage Effects

The Yamaha Reface CP features a range of effects to spice up your sound and add some texture to it. These effects include drive, tremolo, chorus, phaser, delay and reverb. The on-board effects feature rotary control knobs, which allow you to manually adjust the amount of the effect you want. The drive effect can be used to add some harmonics and saturation to your sound, thickening it up. The tremolo, and wah wah effects can be used to add movement and modulate the sound. In the wah position, the effect responds to how hard you play, providing a super-funky effect. Chorus and phaser can be used to add depth, thickness, and movement to the overall sound. Additionally, you can change the rate/speed and depth of these modulation effects. Delay is also available, allowing you to choose between a digital or analog delay. Analog results in a more 'tape' like delay experience by changing delay time and pitch in real-time. There is also a reverb effect with a control knob for adjusting the depth amount.

Lightweight & Portable

Unlike the majority of stage pianos, the Reface is compact and lightweight, which allows it to be portable. It is ideal for both studio and on stage. It also features built-in speakers, and can be powered by batteries, allowing you to play and enjoy its sounds anywhere. Additionally, the Reface CP can be connected to external speakers or PA systems, making it ideal for live performances. The MIDI and USB ports allow it to be integrated with your DAW, allowing you to add those vintage flavours to your modern-day productions.

Expand Your Sound With Soundmondo

With Soundmondo you can expand your soundset with a range of premium-quality sounds through Soundmondo's community, Discover, create, and share sounds by visiting the Soundmonodo site. Connect your Yamaha reface and browse the ever expanding list of high-quality sounds.

Yamaha Reface Strap Kit

The Yamaha Reface Strap Kit is a simple and easy-to-install kit designed to turn your Yamaha Reface CP into a keytar for live performances. The Reface Strap Kit is comprised of a pair of durable attachment pieces that fix to each end of your Yamaha reface. On the bottom of the durable attachments are a pair of strap buttons, allowing you to connect it to a guitar strap. This turns your Reface into a fully-fledged keytar, perfect for live performances.

Yamaha Reface Carry Bag

The Yamaha Reface bag is the perfect way to protect your reface piano. The compact Yamaha Reface electric pianos are made to be portable, and this practical case makes that easy. The case provides a perfect fit, holding your instrument comfortably, plus there's extra room for a cable and adapter. A great investment for any Reface user.

3 Month flowkey Premium Offer

Yamaha and the piano tutorial app flowkey have collaborated for a limited time offer to give you 3 months of premium learning. Simply download the flowkey app on to your smartphone or tablet, register your instrument and begin your subscription. The user friendly interface allows you to learn each song in both a sheet music format as well as a play-along video. Thanks to the adjustable difficulty settings, flowkey can be used by complete novices and developed musicians alike. Premium flowkey members have access to over 500 songs covering major hits from pop, classical, rock and more. This intuitive app can even track your playing and offer instant feedback to help improve your skills. Any Yamaha digital piano purchased between 15th July 2016 and 31st March 2019 is now eligible for three months of premium flowkey access.

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Yamaha Reface CP Stage Electric Piano

  • Vintage keyboard sound engine with six detailed vintage keyboard types:
    • RDL - early 70s tine electric piano
    • RDLL - late 70s tine electric piano
    • WR - late 60s reed electric piano
    • CLV - 70s struck string Clavinet
    • TOY - toy piano
    • CP - Yamaha CP80 electric grand piano
  • Five stompbox-style effects with direct control:
    • Drive (adds harmonics and distortion)
    • Tremolo (Auto-Pan for Rd) or VCM Wah with adjustable depth and rate
    • Chorus with adjustable depth and speed
    • VCM Phaser with adjustable depth and speed
    • Digital or Analog-Type Delay with adjustable time and depth
    • Reverb with adjustable depth
  • HQ mini keyboard allows fast, natural performance with premium feel and response
  • Sustain pedal input allows the sustain function for all FM generated sounds
  • 2W 3cm stereo speaker system lets you play any place, any time
  • Battery powered - uses six "AA" batteries with five hours of life
  • USB "TO HOST" allows MIDI connectivity to your USB-equipped computer or iOS device
  • A 3.5mm aux line input lets you connect and hear mobile devices, tablets and more through the instrument
  • Dual 1/4" unbalanced line outputs provide connection to mixers, audio interfaces, DI boxes and more
  • Includes MIDI breakout cable, owner's manual, and PA130 power supply

Yamaha Reface Strap Kit

  • Turns your Yamaha reface into a fully-fledged keytar
  • Pair of durable attachment pieces
  • Each piece includes strap button
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Durable construction with black finish


Yamaha reface CP Stage Electric Piano

  • Battery Life: 5 Hours (Approx)
  • Power Supply: Included Adapter or 6 x AA Batteries (Sold Separately)
  • Includes: AC Adapter, MIDI Breakout Cable, Owner's Manual
  • Height: 60 mm (2.375")
  • Width: 530 mm (20.875")
  • Depth: 175 mm (6.875")
  • Weight: 1.9 kg (4 lbs 3 oz)