Yamaha TransAcoustic YUS1TA Upright Hybrid Piano

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  • Hybrid Acoustic/Digital Upright Piano
  • Uses Entire Piano as Speaker for Digital Sound
  • Tone Generator with 19 Preset Voices
  • SILENT Piano SH Technology
  • Includes A 5 Year Guarantee

Yamaha TransAcoustic YUS1TA Upright Hybrid Piano


The Yamaha TransAcoustic YUS1TA Upright Hybrid Piano is a fully functional acoustic piano with a powerful high-quality digital sound engine, providing a vast range of sonic possibilities. The innovative tone generator transmits the digital sound directly to the piano's soundboard, turning the entire instrument into a loudspeaker for an incredibly natural-sounding tone. Thanks to the TransAcoustic's SILENT piano? SH technology, you have the choice of playing using only digital tones, purely acoustic sounds, or any combination of the two.

Special Offer: 3 months free Flowkey Premium available on any Yamaha digital piano or keyboard purchased between 15th July 2016 and 31st March 2019.

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Play Piano at Any Volume

There are times when the full sound of an acoustic piano may not be appreciated by your family or neighbors. For these situations, simply activate the TransAcoustic™ function and the hammers will no longer strike the strings. Non-contact sensors under each individual key detect your keystroke depth, velocity and timing and send this information to the tone generator. Just adjust the volume and hear the digital sound of your piano performance coming from the entire instrument. Naturally, there is no need for headphones or external amplification.

Featuring SILENT Piano™ SH

Yamaha's renowned SILENT piano™ SH technology allows practice sessions to be conducted with headphones. The TransAcoustic™ piano also features a superb binaural sample from the Yamaha CFX concert grand piano recorded using special techniques to perfectly capture the sound from the player's natural listening position. These two technologies combine to create the perfect environment to play without disturbing others.

Play Along to Music

Enjoy playing along with any of the 50 preset songs that come with the TransAcoustic™, accompanying your playing with songs you have recorded yourself, or even with commercially available songs played back through the sound board. You can be as creative as you want with this feature - you can, for example, play a duet with yourself - or you can just sit back and listen to the playback.

A Broad Sonic Palette

The TransAcoustic™ piano offers 19 pre-installed sounds, allowing you to select the ideal voice to match your preferred musical genre. With electric pianos, harpsichord, vibraphone, pipe organs, jazz organ, strings, choir, and synth pad, TransAcoustic™ pianos are perfect for performing in jazz bars, hotels, restaurants, churches, and in fact, almost any venue you can imagine. All voices are output through the soundboard, giving these instruments a distinctly natural, resonant sound that makes playing a TransAcoustic™ piano a truly memorable experience.

Combine Acoustic and Digital Sound

Thanks to their unique construction, TransAcoustic™ pianos allow you to layer the natural, resonant sound of the acoustic piano together with voices from the tone generator. Perhaps the most scintillating sounds are created by combining the acoustic and digital properties of the instrument - for example, gentle orchestral strings seemingly played from an acoustic piano - to achieve sonic textures with a natural quality not found on any other instrument.

Yamaha ENO Partnership

Yamaha’s passion for performance and advancing music has now lead them to becoming the exclusive supplier of the English National Orchestra. As one of the most respected and prestigious music groups in the world, the ENO require the most technical, rich and comfortable equipment to use. Due to Yamaha’s continued success as one of the finest piano crafting companies, it has secured its place in providing the ENO with these instruments. The C3X, C2X, U1, YUS5 and YUS1 are the full fleet of supplied piano models. Yamaha and the English National Orchestra continue to inspire all abilities of musicians globally.

3 Month flowkey Premium Offer

Yamaha and the piano tutorial app flowkey have collaborated for a limited time offer to give you 3 months of premium learning. Simply download the flowkey app on to your smartphone or tablet, register your instrument and begin your subscription. The user friendly interface allows you to learn each song in both a sheet music format as well as a play-along video. Thanks to the adjustable difficulty settings, flowkey can be used by complete novices and developed musicians alike. Premium flowkey members have access to over 500 songs covering major hits from pop, classical, rock and more. This intuitive app can even track your playing and offer instant feedback to help improve your skills. Any Yamaha digital piano purchased between 15th July 2016 and 31st March 2019 is now eligible for three months of premium flowkey access.

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Piano Specifications

  • Width: 152 cm (59 3/4'')
  • Height: 121 cm (47 3/4'')
  • Depth: 61 cm (24'')
  • Weight: 243 kg (536 lb)
  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Key Surfaces - White: Acrylic resin
  • Key Surfaces - Black: Phenolic resin
  • Pedals: Damper / Silencing / Soft
  • Key Cover: Soft-Close Fallboard
  • Casters - Front: Double
  • Casters - Rear: Single

TransAcoustic™ Specifications

  • Type: SH
  • Key Sensor: Non-contact continuous detection optical sensor
  • Pedal Sensors:
    • Damper pedal: Continuous detection sensor
    • Soft pedal: ON/OFF detection sensor
  • Silencing Mechanism: Hammer shank stopper operated by centre pedal
  • Digital Tone:
    • Type: AWM Stereo Sampling
    • Sound Engine (Piano): SILENT Piano™ mode: CFX Binaural Sampling; TransAcoustic™ mode: CFX Stereo Sampling
    • Piano Effects: Damper Resonance, String Resonance, Sustain Sample, Key-Off Sample
  • Internal Tone:
    • Polyphony (max): 256
    • Number of Voices: 19 (16 voices + 3 dual voices)
    • Voice Selection (Playback): 480 XG voices + 12 Drum / SFX kits
  • Wave Memory: 256 MB
  • Functions:
    • Reverb (Room / Hall 1 / Hall 2 / Stage)
    • Pitch Control (414.8 Hz to 466.8 Hz)
    • Metronome
    • 53 Preset Songs (50 Greats for the Piano + 3 piano demonstrations)
    • MIDI Recording/Playback
    • USB Audio Recorder
  • Connectors:
    • Headphones (Mini Stereo Jack x 2)
    • AUX IN/OUT (Mini Stereo Jack)
  • Power Consumption: 38 W
  • Auto Power Off: Yes
  • Accessories: Headphones, Headphone hanger, Owner's manual, Music book "50 Greats for the Piano"


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