Yamaha B2 Upright Acoustic Piano, Polished Ebony + Chrome Fittings

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  • Acoustic Piano Ideal for Developing Students
  • Acrylic Key Tops for Comfortable Playability
  • Solid Wooden Construction for a Deep Resonance
  • Three Pedal System for an Expressive Performance
  • Smart Black Polyester Finish to Suit the Home

Yamaha B2 Upright Acoustic Piano, Polished Ebony + Chrome Fittings


The Yamaha B2 Upright Acoustic Piano has a powerful sound and comfortable feel for the developing musician. The solid construction and 113cm height produce a sound full of depth and the ability to reach immersive volumes. The acrylic key tops have a comfortable feel that is ideal for student musicians requiring easy playability. The high grade hammers with felt tips have a weighted feel that accurately and consistently responds to your pressure. The shift, damper and muffler pedals improve the expression and clarity of your notes. The B2's black finish is a smart look that suits the home environment.

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B Series

The B series delivers a unique combination of performance and attention to detail at more affordable prices. The sturdy design features back posts for added strength, giving the B pianos an unrivalled richness and depth of sound. Yamaha's pure, clear tone and responsive keyboard touch make these uprights ideal for beginner piano students. The B series’ slim profile and smart aesthetics are ideal to suit the home environment without using excessive space. All of this plus the lasting beauty and years of enjoyment from Yamaha’s renowned craftsmanship.

Acoustic Pianos

Many people believe that the depth and volume of sound produced from an acoustic piano will never be replicated in any digital model. The full, rich sound produced from an acoustic piano lends itself to full expression and dramatic pieces. The structure and quality of the cabinet ensure that this beautiful instrument will become a valued part of your home to be enjoyed for many years to come. Yamaha have become widely regarded as one of the most respected acoustic piano producers in the world. Their exceptional attention to detail, high quality features and craftsmanship provide you with a consistent instrument that you can put your full trust in.


  • Width: 1490mm
  • Height: 1130mm
  • Depth: 530mm
  • Weight: 194KG
  • Frame: V-Process
  • Number of Keys: 88
  • White Key Tops: Acrylic Resin
  • Black Key Tops: Phenolic Resin with Wooden Filler
  • Action: Hammer Felt
  • Feel: Weighted
  • Lid Type: Folding
  • Caster: None
  • Pedals: Soft, Muffler, Damper
  • Colour: Black Polyester

Piano Tuning

All Pianos are delivered by Gear4music having been tuned and prepared before delivery. It is recommended that you have your new Piano tuned 4-6 weeks after delivery to its final location. A new piano requires tuning due to the changes in temperature and humidity of its environment which can cause expansion or contraction of the components altering the tension of the strings. Movement of the piano's cabinet within the delivery process can also be a factor in this. The cost of this tuning is the responsibility of the customer and is not part of the purchase price.

PLEASE NOTE: Acoustic Pianos do need to be individually set up prior to dispatch. This process can take 3-4 weeks.