Studiologic Numa Compact 2X Keyboard

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  • 88-Note Keyboard With Aftertouch & Semi-Weighted Keys
  • 3 New Independent Sound Engines
  • Expanded Control Panel & USB Audio
  • Built-in Amplifier & Speakers
  • 88 Factory Sounds & 99 User Program Slots

Studiologic Numa Compact 2X Keyboard

The Studiologic Numa Compact 2X Keyboard is an expanded version of the renowned Numa Compact, providing enhancements, including 3 independent sound engines and USB audio connectivity. The Numa Compact 2X is an 88-note performance keyboard with a semi-weighted keybed with aftertouch for fluid playability. The Numa Compact 2X includes a tone-wheel organ engine with draw control as well as a range of piano and synth sounds from the Studiologic Sledge synth. It boasts 88 factory-installed sounds spanning from concert pianos with string resonance to cutting-edge synth sounds. It also features 1GB of on-board flash memory and 99 user preset slots.

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88-Note Performance Keyboard

Building on the success of the Studiologic Numa Compact 2, the 2X version features a range of upgrades and new features. The Numa Compact 2X now features 3 independent sound engines in total including a tone wheel organ model incorporated from the Numa Organ, as well as sounds from the Sledge Synthesizer. Another upgrade is the new USB port, allowing you to transmit and receive digital audio for added flexibility when it comes to using the Numa 2X is with DAWs and VSTs. The 88-key semi-weighted keybed provides fluid playability with a range of parameters and controls to affect your sounds. Redesigned from the base up, the lightweight yet sleek-looking cabinet will fit perfectly into any stage/studio setup.

3 Independent Sound Engines

One of the most prominent new features of the Numa Compact 2X is the trilogy of sound engines. The 3 independent sound engines include a true tone wheel organ model, taken from the critically-acclaimed Numa Organ. The interface for the tone wheel organ features 9 sliders which can be programmed and also used as Drawbars for controlling the organ sound. It also boasts linear controls for sending MIDI CC information. The Sledge engine is derived from the Studiologic Sledge Synthesizer, providing cutting-edge sounds. The Sledge engine has been optimised for the Compact 2x, allowing you to create synthetic sounds from the basic waves library. It also features 9 sliders to control the 9 synth parameters. The third on-board engine features 1GB of sample memory, with a range of built-in sounds from classical pianos to modern-day synths sounds.

USB Audio

The addition of the new USB port, allows you to send and receive audio with high-end, digital quality. All you have to do send and record the sound of the 2X on the computer or use the keyboard as an audio board. This amplified the digital audio coming from your computer/tablet through the built-in speakers.

Built-In Speakers & Amplifier

The Numa Compact 2X MIDI Keyboard is ideal for a range of applications from practising to training sessions, to producing music. The new OLED display provides a sharp and clear screen for visual feedback, showing you your presets and other vital information. The new sound bank section features a diverse range of professional sounds, with a built-in 1GB flash memory. The built-in professional FX processor allows you to use up to 6 effects simultaneously for in-depth modulation. Built-in speakers are also included so you can set up and play anywhere you go, eliminating the need for a PA speaker or other sound systems.

Design & Connectivity

The compact yet lightweight design of the Studiologic Numa Compact 2 makes it ideal for stage and studio applications. The Numa Compact 2X also features a range of analog and digital connectivity including MIDI and USB connections for use with your favourite DAW. A headphone 6.3mm TRS jack (programmable as Aux Out) is also included for private listening as well as connectivity for expression pedals and 2 x 6.3mm mono jack (L+R) for connecting to an external stereo source.


  • 88-Note, semi-weighted keybed
  • 3 independent sound engines
  • Expanded control panel section
  • USB audio connectivity
  • Dual zones for controlling another MIDI device
  • Ideal for live stage, home, and studio sessions
  • Built-in speakers
  • Internal digital amplifier
  • Internal 1GB flash memory
  • 88 Built-in sound presets
  • 99 user programs
  • Lightweight, Re-designed cabinet
  • Digital and analog connectivity
  • Crisp OLED display
  • Built-in professional FX processor


  • Keybed: 88 Keys, TP/9 PIANO semi-weighted Action
  • Detection: Dual switch detection system
  • Aftertouch: Yes
  • Touch: Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed (programmable)
Sound Generator
  • Max Polyphony: 128 voices
  • 2 Parts: Lower and Upper
  • TrS (True Sound): Stereo multi-samples
  • Factory Sounds: 88 Sounds
  • Sounds: 8 Acoustic Piano, 8 Electric Piano, 8 Keyboards, 12 Bass & Guitars, 12 Organs, 12 Synthesizers, 12 Orchestral, 16 Other sounds
  • Sound Engines:Tone wheel Organ Model, Synth engine (from Sledge experience)
  • Other: Factory & User sounds updatable thru Hi-Speed USB device
Effects / Processing
  • Up to 6 effects simultaneously: 2 FX on Lower + 2 FX on Upper + Reverb + Strings resonance
  • FX1: Drive, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger
  • FX2: Rotary, Tremolo, Pan Trem, Delay
  • REVERB: Room, Hall, Plate, Spring
  • Strings Resonance: on all Piano sounds with level control
Tech Specs
  • Sound and Programs: 99 User programs, 1GB Samples memory
  • 4 Sections: 2 Sounds in Layer or Split mode, 2 MIDi Zones in Layer or Split mode
  • Edit Functions: Global Edit (8 parameters), Program Edit (4 parameters), Part Edit (13 parameters), Mixer (Lower / Upper / Zone A / Zone B volume control)
  • Master Controls: Bass, Treble, Mastering, Volume
  • MIDI module:
    • Program Change, Bank Select (LSB, MSB), MIDI Channel, Volume, Split assign, Transpose, Octave
    • Pedals 1-2 assign, Sticks 1-2 assign
Speaker System
  • Amplifier: 10 + 10W built-in
  • Speaker Format: 2 Elliptical full range speakers
  • OLED Display: 128 x 64 dots
  • Encoder: Push functionality
  • Potentiometers: 7
  • Buttons: 23
  • Drawbars: 9
  • Sticks: Stick 1: Pitch, Stick 2: Mod + FX Control
  • Audio OUT: 2x 6,3 mm mono jack (L+R)
  • Headphones: 6,3 mm TRS jack (programmable as Aux out)
  • Pedals: Expression, Universal
  • MIDI: In, Out
  • USB: Audio, MIDI, hi-speed transfer, USB powerable (not amplified)
Power & Physical
  • DC In: 12V
  • Adapter: Input: 100-240V / Output: 12V-2,5A
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 127cm x 23 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight: 7.1 kg (15.6lbs)