Studiologic MP-117 MIDI Bass Pedal

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  • Ideal companion for digital organs, guitars and synths
  • 17-note velocity-sensitive solid wood panels
  • Control MIDI data from bass patches to leads
  • Compact, robust and highly portable

Studiologic MP-117 MIDI Bass Pedal

The perfect companion for your digital organ. The Studiologic MP-117 Midi Bass Pedal is a compact and robust MIDI pedalboard designed to be used as a hands-free controller.

You control the MIDI Bass Pedal with your feet, allowing you to play an instrument or perform vocal performances at the same time. It features 17 notes in total as well as giving you the the ability to transpose. Four large push buttons allow you to change settings such as for MIDI channel selection. The portable design is ideal for both studio and stage.

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Hands-Free Bass Controller Pedal

The MP-117 is the ideal companion for any digital organ or stage piano. Although its versatile design means it can be used for a variety of applications. The 17-note controller allows you to generate bass tones with your feet, freeing you to play an instrument such as an organ or guitar.

Not Only For Bass Tones

The MIDI connectivity means you don’t have to just use a bass tone. You can use the controller to generate any MIDI tone you can find. You can use the pedal with virtual instruments, ideal for experimenting with sound. This allows you to control everything from bass tones to cutting-edge leads and pads.

Integrated Push Button Controls

In addition to the 17-note keybed, the pedal feature 4 function push buttons. You can use the buttons to toggle settings such as Program Change, Bank Select, MIDI Channel and Transpose. The pedalboard is velocity-sensitive, allowing for more expressive playing.


  • Dynamic pedalboard
  • 17 solid-wood tipped pedals
  • Velocity-sensitive for fluid playability
  • Random patch access
  • MIDI channel, program change
  • One MIDI Output
  • Transposition +/- 24 half steps
  • Full Bank Change (0 and 32)
  • Transmits on all MIDI channels
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