Nord Stage 3 Compact Digital Piano

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  • Nord Sample Library 3.0 - Now Available
  • Compact Size for Easier Portability
  • Three Sound Engines for Optimum Versatility
  • On Board Editing Parameters for Detailed Tone Shaping
  • Recall Your Favourite Tone Settings Instantly

Nord Stage 3 Compact Digital Piano


The Nord Stage 3 Compact Digital Piano features a fully developed sound in an easily portable format. The Stage 3 has 73 keys in an E to E range, which is ideal for musicians who require versatility without needing a full size board. This model benefits from piano, synth and organ sound engines to produce a versatile range of voices with tonal depth. The Stage 3's Lead A1 synthesizer can access up to 2GB of samples and voices, as well as a wealth of effects to achieve the exact sound each musician requires. The Stage 3 is just 1070mm in width, making it compact enough to frequently go to gigs. This model is ideal for the live musician requiring an uncompromised tone in a condensed unit.

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Full Description

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Nord Sample Library 3.0

Exclusive to the Nord 3 range, the comprehensive Nord Sample Library 3.0 is now available for all Nord 3 models. The Nord Sample Library 3.0 boasts a wide range of premium-grade sound content, spanning across every genre. The sample library boasts exclusive content from the legendary vintage-tape samplers Mellotron and Chamberlin, giving you access to an array of vintage sounds. The sample library includes everything from pianos, strings and orchestral sounds to vocals, synths and even accordion content. The Nord 3 range boasts a lossless compression algorithm to compresses larger-sized samples into ultra-small file sizes, without compromising audio fidelity.

Advanced Live Features

Nord pianos have been used by countless artists on stages all around the world. For the fifth generation of the Stage 3, Nord have upgraded subtle functions to be even easier for live musicians. The two digital screens have OLED image displays for focus and clarity in all lighting situations. The Song List feature allows you to create, store and recall specific settings instantly. These can all be accessed and individually named directly from the piano, so once you have the right setting it is available quickly. The Stage 3 also benefits from a Seamless Transition function for the smoothest and most subtle switch between your programmes and sounds.

Three Instruments in One

The Stage 3 utilises three interchangeable sound engines for the most creative tones available. The piano engine features six classic styles including upright and grand. The organ has the classic C2D voice as well as two completely new Principal Pipes. The synth section’s Lead A1 engine has become renowned for its warm, authentic tones. Each of the sound engines can be levelled with one another, as well as two organs able to be voiced simultaneously. The included sample library offers access to a wealth of voices and sounds that cover an expansive number of styles.

Limitless Editing

Nord’s expansive parameter editing section assists in achieving every artist’s specific sound. Each of the sound engines has a dedicated control section with LED labelling for easy use in low light venues. The synth’s oscillator tone shaping section benefits from a digital screen for visually analysing your sound. The controls are split into banks for easy readability, whilst the clearly labelled dials allow you to quickly check the settings. The effects section adds tremolo, delay, EQ and a range of EQs to your master sound for a final swell of tone. The Stage 3 even includes 3 cabinet speakers for a more realistic sound when going directly through MIDI.



  • Width: 1070mm
  • Height: 104mm
  • Depth: 302mm
  • Weight: 12.5KG


  • Number of Keys: 73
  • Action: Velocity Sensitive Hammers
  • Range: E to E
  • Weight: Semi Weighted


  • Organ Controls
    • Digital Drawbars: 9
    • Drawbar Presets: 2 Per Slot
    • Percussion Controls: Soft, Fast, Third, On
    • Organ Models: Farf, Vox, B3
    • Octave Shift: 2 Modes
  • Piano Controls
    • Octave Shift: 2 Modes
    • Piano Selection: 6 Modes
    • Zone Select: Level Knob Control
    • Layer Detune: 3 Levels
    • KBD Touch: 3 Levels
    • Piano Response: Brilliant, Treble, Medium, Soft
  • Synth Controls
    • Zone Select: Level Knob Control
    • Octave Shift: 2 Modes
    • LFO Rate: Level Knob Control
    • LFO Filter Type: 4 Modes
  • Envelope Modulation: Attack, Decay and Release Level Knob Controls
  • Modulation: LFO, Velocity, Frequency and Resonance Level Knob Controls
  • Amp Envelope: Attack, Decay and Release Level Knob Controls
  • Amp Envelope Velocity: 3 Level Switch
  • Arpeggiator: Rate Level Knob Control, 3 Level Octave Switch
  • Filter Settings: 6 Setting Switch
  • KB/Drive Settings: 3 Level Switch
  • Oscillator Level Knob Controls: Modulation, Configuration, LFO, Level
  • Vibrato: 5 Level Switch


  • Organ Sounds: 3
  • Piano Sounds: Grand, Upright, Electric, Digital, Layer and Clav/Harpsichord
  • Synth Sounds: 400 (8 x 50)
  • Piano Sound Storage: 2GB
  • Piano Polyphony: 120 Note Maximum
  • Synth Polyphony: 34 Note Maximum
  • Transpose: Plus/Minus 6 Semitones


  • Effect 1 Options: Ring Modulator, Tremolo, Auto Pan, Wah-Wah, AutoWah 1, Autowah 2
  • Effect 2 Options: Flanger, Vibe, Phaser x 2, Chorus x 2
  • Delay Controls: Feedback, Mix, Ping Pong, Tap Tempo, Feedback Filter
  • Speaker Simulations: JC, Twin, Small
  • EQ: 3 Band
  • Rotary Speaker Effects: 2 Speed Settings, Overdrive
  • Compressor: Level Knob Control with Fast Setting
  • String Resonance: 2nd Gen on Grand and Upright Pianos
  • Reverb: 6 Settings with Level Knob Control


  • Programs: 400
  • Song Mode: 8 Banks with 50 Songs, 5 Programs per Song
  • Split Points: 3
  • Buffers: 5
  • Slot Setups: 2


  • 1/4’’ Assignable Audio Outputs: 4
  • 1/4’’ Stereo Headphone Outputs: 1
  • 1/8’’ Monitor Input: 1
  • 1/4’’ Sustain Pedal Input: 1
  • 1/4’’ Pedal Input: Rotor, Organ Swell, Control, Program Change
  • MIDI: In/Out
  • USB: Type B Connector


  • Colour: Red
  • Screen Type: OLED
  • Power Cord: Included
  • Included Accessories: User Manual, Sample and Piano DVDs, USB Cord
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