Korg Liverpool Professional Arranger Keyboard

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  • 100 Classic Lennon & McCartney Songs
  • 64 In-Built 'Liverpool' Backing Styles
  • Create New Arrangements or Play Along
  • Four Stereo Effects and Built In Speakers
  • SD Card Slot For Expansion

Korg Liverpool Professional Arranger Keyboard

The Korg Liverpool Professional Arranger Keyboard brings to life the classic 60s songs of Lennon & McCartney. The Liverpool lets you experience playing these classic songs like never before. Control, flexibility and inspiration awaits in the Liverpool Arranger - just use your right hand to play the melody and your left to play the chords - and let the keyboard do the rest!

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100 Classic Lennon & McCartney Songs

From 'Day Tripper' to 'Let It Be', the Liverpool keyboard has 100 of Lennon and McCartney's classic songs in-built into it's system. Play the chords with your left hand, and the Liverpool automatically provides an accompaniment to match the original song. Use your right hand to play the melody or add your own chords and melodies to use the accompaniments as inspirations for your own music.

Use this keyboard as a music player, play along on the piano, mute the bass for minus-one playing or mute the guitar and play along on your favourite axe! This keyboard offers a range of ways to enjoy these classic tunes.

Backing Generator

The in-built Styles in this Liverpool Keyboard allow you to freely the change the song structure and chords whilst you perform. Play back the Styles and add an accompaniment by using the left hand to play the chords. Each style has up to 4 functions and allows you to add intro, fill and ending. Practice difficult passages as many times as you like and slow them down if you're struggling. You can also create your own arrangements or edit or build upon these much loved songs. It's perfect for a live setting where you can jam on these famous solos for as long as your audience wants.

In addition to these famous Styles the keyboard also includes additional Styles inherited from Korg's microARRANGER.

Play the Liverpool Live

The Liverpool includes standard keyboard sounds such as piano, electric piano and organ as well as guitar, bass, strings and drum sounds so you have a lot of flexibility. Four stereo effects are also built-in, letting you add your own finishing touches to your performances. The Liverpool is also compact enough to carry to the gig and weighs only 4.2kg. An SD slot is provided for expansion and downloading extra styles and programs from the Korg webpage.

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