Kawai Novus NV10 Hybrid Digital Piano, Polished Ebony

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  • SK-EX Sound Profile Produces Rich, Warm Tones
  • Onkyo Designed Speakers for Clear, Powerful Sound
  • Millennium III Action for a Weighted Feel
  • ABS Carbon Components for Optimum Durability
  • Triple Pedal System for an Expressive Performance

Kawai Novus NV10 Hybrid Digital Piano, Polished Ebony


The Kawai Novus NV10 Hybrid Digital Piano offers groundbreaking features and sound quality to the advanced musician. The Millennium III keyboard action has real wooden keys and advanced ABS carbon mechanics for a consistent, smooth feel. The NV10's sound profile uses samples from Kawai's Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand, which has a rich harmonic character and dynamic range. The Harmonic Imaging XL and Acoustic Rendering modelling technology produces realistic decay and projection for a more authentic tone. The NV10 has a collaborative speaker design with audio company Onkyo, providing musicians with a powerful volume projection and premium EQ filtering. The NV10 is finished in a stunning polished ebony and is ideal for musicians wanting an accurate acoustic feel in a digital instrument.

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Millennium III Action

Kawai’s Millennium III action offers premium playability to both traditional and modern musicians. The components for the Millennium III are crafted from ABS-Carbon for long lasting durability. The components are lightweight and manufactured with improved accuracy and attention to detail, so each key has a smooth and consistent playability for the entire motion. The lighter material allows players to achieve extra speed without compromising comfort. Each key on the NV10 has been redesigned with an updated jack texture for more control, which is ideal for pianissimo styles of music. The Millennium III action achieves new levels of durability whilst retaining outstanding playability. The Intergrated Hammer Sensing System (IHSS) allows the subtle nuances of each note to be noticed. The sensors for the keys are carefully placed so that they respond to the lightest of touches or for playing more complex passages where notes are repeated in quick succession.

Damper System

Advanced piano players require a high quality dampening system for an expressive performance. The NV10 utilises an updated hybrid method to achieve the most dynamic response possible. This incorporates the pedals directly with the strings for a more integrated and realistic feel. Despite there being no strings, the high precision optical sensors can transmit detailed information levels to pick out the subtle nuances in your style. When engaged, the pedal subtly releases key pressure for a more authentic likeness to acoustic pianos.

Onkyo Collaboration

Kawai’s collaboration with hi-fi audio company Onkyo gives the NV10 the sound projection and clarity it deserves. The DIDRC filter technology removes the unnecessary high frequencies and static noise that digital instruments produce at loud volumes, resulting in a more natural sound. This feature maintains the classic tone assigned to Kawai pianos, whilst eliminating any undesirable background noise. The NV10’s speakers are specifically positioned to project groups of frequencies. The lower facing speakers produce warm, thick bass tones, whilst the top speakers project clear highs. The result is a rounded overall sound with authentic projection for both the audience and the performer. Onkyo have also designed the headphone speaker experience, so your rehearsals and private use remains immersive.

Sound and Functions

Built in to the NV10 is a 5" LCD touchscreen display to access a range of functions to enhance your enjoyment of the hybrid piano. In the Pianist mode, you can adjust the rendering character of the piano to change the tonal qualities and also the resonance depth for even more control. The Virtual Technician allows various characteristics of the sounds to be adjusted from the key volume, damper noise and touch curve, for example. Kawai's multi-instrument sound engine includes electric and acoustic pianos, organs and strings to name but a few. Sounds can also be layered and split for a standard split function or 4 hands.

Music Modes

Installed on the NV10 is a vast library of songs that can be use to demonstrate the capabilities of the hybrid piano as well as serving as a lesson tool. Songs and pieces can be sped up, slowed down, set with a metronome and also the focus on the left hand and right hand parts can be varied to focus on particular sections.



  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Key Material: Spruce
  • Key Components: ABS Carbon
  • Keytops: Synthetic Ivory and Ebony
  • Action: Millennium III Weighted


  • Piano Engine: Harmonic Imaging XL
  • Resonance Modelling: Acoustic Rendering
  • Sound Profile: Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • Polyphony: 256 notes


  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth (Ver. 4.0; GATT compatible)
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification compliant, Bluetooth Audio
  • USB Audio Recorder: MP3, WAV
  • Recording: Overdubbing, Line In recording
  • Outputs: 1/4" and 1/8" stereo jacks, MIDI Out, 1/4" L/MONO, R[unbalanced]
  • Inputs: MIDI In, 1/8' Stereo (with volume adjust knob)[unbalanced]
  • USB to host
  • USB to device

Speakers and Output

  • Speakers: Onkyo Collaborative Design
  • No. of Speakers: 7
  • Top Speakers: 10cm x 4
  • Dome Tweeters: 1.4cm x 2
  • Subwoofer: 16cm x 1
  • Power Output: 135W (45W x 3)
  • Headphone Enhancements: Discrete SpectraModule™ Headphone Amplifier, Spacial Headphone Sound, Headphone Type, Headphone Amplifier


  • Sound Demo: 39 songs
  • Piano Music: 42 songs
  • Concert Magic: 179 songs


  • Colour: Polished Ebony
  • Interface: LCD Colour Screen
  • Music Rest: Included
  • Lid Type: Folding
  • Pedals: Damper, Soft, Sostenuto


  • Width: 148 cm
  • Depth: 64.5cm
  • Height: 92.5cm (not including music rest)
  • Weight: 127 kg


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