Kawai CA48 Digital Piano, Satin White

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  • Grand Feel Compact Keyboard with Weighted Action
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to Record & Learn with Apps
  • PHI Sound Generator Produces Dynamic Tones
  • Virtual Technician to Easily Tweak Parameters
  • Triple Sensors for a Dynamic Expression

Kawai CA48 Digital Piano, Satin White


The Kawai CA48 Digital Piano features full 88 key sampling from SK-EX and EX pianos to produce dynamic tones from the PHI sound generators. The piano's Grand Concert Feel offers a weighted feel from its wooden keys and counterweights. This model's integrated Bluetooth function is ideal for musicians wanting to use smart device apps to assist with learning. The CA48's Virtual Technician allows you to tweak and enhance a variety of parameters to your exact preference. The range of voices accurately replicate classic instruments including grand pianos, organs and strings.

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Grand Feel Compact Keyboard

The Kawai CA48’s keyboard action has an expressive playability in a compact design. The pivoting mechanism has been adjusted to retain the classic see-saw action without taking up excessive space. The wooden keys are linear weighted across the entire board, resulting in a consistent response. The CA48 benefits from graded hammers and counterweights to achieve a familiar feel for traditional musicians. The Grand Feel Compact’s triple sensors register the subtle nuances in your performance, whilst the let-off simulation adds subtle key noise for a more authentic sound. The Grand Feel Compact System is favoured by musicians requiring a natural feel in a more home-friendly size.

Piano Sounds

Kawai’s highly acclaimed Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and Kawai EX concert grand sounds are a prominent feature of the CA48. The SK-EX piano has the classic sound of a grand concert. The tones produced are warm with a heavy, dark reverb. This sound is suited to composers and live musicians who enjoy the complex tone of concert instruments. The Kawai EX is an established, modern sound that has been universally acclaimed by professional pianists. The piano’s 88 key sampling and Progressive Harmonic Imaging achieves precise tonal details that retain unique character.

Virtual Technician

The Virtual Technician app featured with the Kawai CA48 allows you to fine tune the sound and response to your exact preference. This app is available as a free download to your iOS or Android smart device. The Virtual Technician’s parameters include precise details such as damper noise and key-off effect, so that even the most discerning musician can achieve their tonal preference. The app’s ergonomic design is easy to navigate through, whilst the wireless connection allows you to test each setting whilst being stood in different parts of the room. The Virtual Technician allows the CA48 to be tweaked to accommodate any style.

Bluetooth MIDI, Lessons & Apps

The Kawai CA48 features integrated Bluetooth MIDI which means it can sync with smart devices for music playback or to use Kawai’s Sound Museum and Virtual Technician apps to select and adjust sounds wirelessly. The variety of lesson functions are invaluable to developing players.

The Kawai Brand

The Japanese brand Kawai is becoming more and more popular with modern musicians. A gifted inventor, Koichi Kawai was the first person to design and build a complete piano action and has been award many patents throughout his long history. Now this family company is one of the most celebrated piano makers worldwide with many awards and recognitions to their name.



  • Width: 1356mm
  • Height: 885mm
  • Depth: 461mm
  • Weight: 57.0KG


  • Keys: 88
  • Board Type: Grand Feel Compact
  • Key Tops: Ivory Touch Surfaces
  • Key Material: Plastic
  • Feel: Triple Sensor System with Counterweights

Sounds & Effects

  • Sound Source: Progressive Harmonic Imaging
  • Pianist Sampling: Multi-Channel
  • Sound Sampling: Stereo
  • Number of Voices: 19
  • Maximum Polyphony: 192
  • Virtual Technician: 10 Presets
  • Reverb: Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral


  • Metronome Beat Range: 10 – 300 BPM
  • Lesson Function: Alfred, Burgmuller, Czerny, Beyer
  • Demo Songs: 19
  • Keyboard Modes: Dual, Four Hands
  • Bluetooth: MIDI and Audio
  • Recorder: 3 Songs, 10,000 Notes


  • Power: 20W x 2
  • Pedals: Sustain, Soft, Sostenuto
  • Screen Type: 3 Digit LED
  • Colour: Satin White
  • Speakers: 13cm x 2, 5cm x 2
  • Power Consumption: 11W
  • Connectivity
    • MIDI: In/Out
    • Headphones: 2
    • USB: USB to Host


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