Alesis Recital Pro 88 Note Digital Piano

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  • 88-Note Hammer-Action Piano
  • Useful Educational Features
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Customisable Layers and Voices
  • Play Through Headphones or Speakers

Alesis Recital Pro 88 Note Digital Piano


The Alesis Recital Pro 88 Note Digital Piano is an educational piano that is ideal for the beginner. Featuring 88 full-sized hammer-action keys with adjustable touch response, the Alesis Recital Pro allows you to adjust the settings for a more comfortable playing session. The Recital Pro features a "lesson mode", allowing you to play alongside a tutor. It also includes 3 months of in-depth piano courses with Skoove premium. With 12 premium built-in realistic voices, the Alesis Recital piano provides optimum versatility. The Alesis Recital Pro features a record mode that allows you to play and listen back to your performances, which is ideal for critical listening. Featuring outputs for connecting to mixers, speakers, and headphones, the Alesis keyboard allows for private practice and live performances. The Alesis Recital Pro piano is ideal for anyone looking to progress or learn to play the piano.

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Customisable Voices & Layers

The Alesis Recital Pro 88 Note Digital Piano features 88 full-sized hammer-action keys to provide you with a realistic and natural touch. The keys also feature adjustable touch response, allowing you to change the settings to suit your preferences. The Alesis Recital Pro offers a range of realistic sounds including acoustic piano, vibraphone, organ, strings, and more. The Recital Pro also features adjustable modulation, reverb, and chorus to further tailor your sound. You can also combine any two of the voices in layer mode to create richer sounds and make your pieces truly unique. Additionally, the digital piano can assign voices to only the left and right sides in split mode, allowing you to play one voice with your left hand, and another with your right. Furthermore, the built-in 20 watt speakers deliver a realistic sound and provides you with a truly authentic playing experience.

Powerful Education Features

The Alesis Recital Pro is ideal for beginners wanting to learn piano. Featuring a highly useful "learn mode", the Alesis digital piano allows you to play alongside a tutor on the same piano. Lesson mode splits the piano into 2 zones with the same pitch and voice. This provides an easy learning experience and allows a student and tutor to easily watch and play together without having to reach over one another. Additionally, the Recital Pro allows you to record your playing so you can critically listen back to your performances. Ideal for the student, the Alesis Recital pro comes with a built-in adjustable metronome that helps you to keep in time.

Play Through Headphones & Speakers

The Recital Pro allows you to play both in private or public. Featuring a 1/4 inch headphone jack, the Recital Pro allows for private and quiet playing. Additionally, the digital piano also features stereo 1/4 inch outputs to connect to a recorder, mixer, amplifier, or speakers, allowing you to play live.

Range of Connections

The Recital Pro features a 1/4 inch sustain pedal output allowing for more expressive playing. There is also a USB-MIDI output for connecting to a computer that allows you to use education software and virtual instrument plugins. Conveniently, the Alesis Recital pro can be powered with batteries for a cordless experience, or with the power supply.

Includes 3 Months Of Skoove Premium

Ideal for the student, the Alesis Recital Pro comes with 3 free months of Skoove premium. Featuring a wide range of in-depth online piano courses, Skoove provides you with an easy and intuitive way to learn piano. Develop at your own pace with a range of classical and current chart music. New, exclusive lessons are added every month allowing you to learn new tips and tricks, and progress with your piano playing.


  • 88 premium full-sized hammer-action keys with adjustable touch response
  • 12 built-in premium voices with the ability to split or layer 2 voices simultaneously
  • 20-watt speakers and 128-note max polyphony for realistic sound and playability
  • Lesson mode divides the keyboard into two zones with the same pitch and voice
  • Record mode enables you to record and then listen back to your performance
  • Built-in metronome can be easily adjusted from 30-280 beats per minute
  • Easily adjustable modulation, chorus, and reverb FX; pedal resonance feature
  • Stereo 1/4 inch (6.35mm) outputs for connecting to a mixer, amp, or other sound system
  • 1/4 inch (6.35mm) headphone output mutes the internal speakers for private practice
  • USB-MIDI output for use with educational software or virtual instrument plugins
  • Includes music rest
  • Sustain input to connect standard 1/4 inch (6.35mm) sustain pedal (not included)
  • Includes a power adapter
  • Can be powered with 6 D-cell batteries (not included)


Minimum System Requirements
  • Window: 7 (32 and 64 bit)
  • OS X: 10.10
  • USB: 2.0 port (or higher)

*Disclaimer: Music book not included

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