Yamaha LL16ARE Acoustic Guitar Left Handed, Natural

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  • 40th Anniversary Model
  • Engelmann Spruce Top
  • ARE - Acoustic Resonant Treatment
  • Redesigned Bracing Pattern
  • Passive Under-Saddle Piezo Pickup

Yamaha LL16ARE Acoustic Guitar Left Handed, Natural

The Yamaha LL16AREL-NT is a newly re-designed Left Handed Electro Acoustic Guitar to celebrate their 40th anniversary, Featuring a Solid Engelmann Srpuce Top, Acoustic Resonant Enhancement Treatment and passive under saddle piezo Pick-up.

Product Ref: 43229

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Full Description

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The Yamaha LL16AREL-NT is a ground up redesign from Yamaha?s guitar team. Featuring a solid Engelmann spruce top now treated with A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement), an original wood reforming technology developed by Yamaha produces a tonal richness that can only be found in a vintage instrument that has been played for many years.

Yamaha's L Series Acoustic Guitars have been around for 40 years, a revered line of handcrafted acoustic guitars known for their tonal quality, fine tone woods and impeccable workmanship, now features several new innovations that deliver classic quality, value and a genuine redesign befitting of a 40th anniversary.

Significantly, the LL16AREL-NThas a redesigned bracing pattern, introducing a lower bracing height and shape that improves the vibration of the top board and tonal transference throughout the guitar, creating a balanced low end, a crisp top end and an increase in volume, characteristics in keeping with current market demands.

Improvements to the feel of the neck on the the L series makes them immediately comfortable to play. Refining the neck profile means all the models now have a five-ply design and the L series has a lower string action and wider string spacing.

In a first for the complete range of L Series, these models come with an unobtrusive passive under-saddle piezo pick up for live applications that does not affect the unplugged sound or detract from the guitar?s gorgeous finishes. Yamaha added this almost invisible and simple-to-use feature that expands each guitar?s capabilities.