VOX MINI5 Rhythm IV Modeling Guitar Amp, Ivory and Black

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  • Vox MINI5 Rhythm IV Modelling Guitar Amp with Rhythm
  • 11 Realistic Amp Models
  • 8 Built-In Effects
  • 10 Genres of Rhythm Patterns
  • Vox 'Bassilator' Circuit for Rich, Low-End Rhythm

VOX MINI5 Rhythm IV Modeling Guitar Amp, Ivory and Black

The Vox MINI5 Rhythm Modelling Amp is a lightweight guitar combo amp that incorporates 11 iconic amp models, 8 powerful effects and 99 different variations of backing rhythm patterns into a compact and powerful unit. Also including a microphone input, aux input, headphone output, dedicated E-string tuner and the ability to run on batteries for up to 12 hours at 5W the Vox MINI5 lets you play wherever you are making it the ultimate choice for musicians on the go.

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11 Realistic Amp Models

The Vox MINI5 Rhythm has 11 realistic amp models taken from the flagship Valvetronix series, supporting a broad range of styles and playing techniques. It offers a perfect simulation of the legendary Vox AC30, for the drive typical of vacuum tubes, as well as models of powerful high-gain amps and transparent, clean types. It also has a built-in Vox original "Bassilator" circuit to cover the ultra-low-frequency overtones, giving an intensely heavy sound that belies its small size. The clean-sounding LINE input has no distortion, making the MINI5 Rhythm perfect for electro acoustic guitars and keyboards.

On Board Effects & Rhythm Function

This amplifier boasts a full complement of effects, including compressor, chorus, flanger, tremolo, and delay/reverb types. It also has a newly-added rhythm function, with 11 built-in rhythms in styles including 8-beat, 16-beat, rock, metal and R&B, as well as a built-in metronome. There are nine variations for each style, giving you 99 rhythm patterns to work with. The tempo and volume can be easily adjusted, allowing you to try out ideas for a new riff or phrase, or simply practise playing to a beat. The wide range of musical styles makes it easier to get into the feel of the song being played.

Easily Transportable & Long Battery Life

The MINI5 Rhythm can run on six AA batteries, with approximately 19.5 hours of operation with power select set to 0.1W. This makes it ideal for street performances or other outdoor playing where the included AC adapter is unusable. Plus the carrying strap makes it particularly easy to transport, so you can play wherever you want.

Additional Connections

As well as a guitar input, the MINI5 Rhythm offers a mic input with adjustable volume and delay/reverb effects for vocals, an AUX input for external audio sources, and a headphone/line out jack with a built-in cabinet simulator, great for recording directly into a multi-track recorder or practising with headphones.


  • 11 Realistic amp models inherited from the popular Valvetronix series
  • Amp models range from intense high-gain types to pristine clean sounds
  • A total of eight effects: four standard (compressor, chorus, flanger and tremolo) and four types of delay/reverb
  • Vox "Bassilator" circuit delivers heavy sound with ultra-low frequency, for rich low-end rhythm response
  • Rhythm patterns organised into 10 genres, plus metronome patterns, for a total of 99 choices
  • Battery operation for portability to perform and practise anywhere; AC adapter included
  • Independent mic input jack can be used with a delay/reverb effect for your ideal vocal sound
  • AUX input jack lets you connect your MP3 player for jam sessions or practice
  • Headphone/line output with cabinet simulator to reproduce resonances of a speaker cabinet
  • Power Select (5/1.5/0.1) lets you adjust the volume without impairing tonal characteristics
  • High-performance, built-in E-string tuner
  • Carrying strap included for convenient transportation


  • Amp Models: BTQ, Clean, Black 2x12, Tweed 4x10, AC15, AC30TB, UK '70s, UK '80s, UK '90s, Cali Metal, US HiGain, Line
  • Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Compressor
  • Microphone Effects: Tape Echo, Analog Delay, Spring Reverb, Room Reverb
  • Rhythms: 8 Beat, 16 Beat, Rock, Metal, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Latin, Dance, Odd Meter, Metro
  • Tempo: 40 - 240 bpm
  • Tuner range: E1 - E6 (41.2 Hz - 1318.5 Hz)
  • Audio Outputs: 1 x Headphone (1/8" Jack)
  • Audio Inputs: 1 x Instrument (1/4" Jack), 1 x Microphone (1/4" Jack), 1 x Aux (1/8" Jack)
  • Power Amp Output (Max): 5 W RMS @4 Ohm
  • Speaker: 6.5 Inch
  • Speaker Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • A/D Conversion: 24 bit
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • Power Supply: Six AA-size /LR6 alkaline batteries or included AC adapter
  • Battery Life (Max at 0.1W): 19.5 Hours
  • Battery Life (Max at 1.5W): 17 Hours
  • Battery Life (Max at 5W): 12 Hours
  • Current Consumption: 160 mA
  • Width: 269 mm
  • Depth: 179 mm
  • Height: 267 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 Kg
  • Included Accessories: Carrying strap, AC adapter (DC 12V )
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