Marshall MG412BCF Carbon Fibre 120W Base Cab for MG100HCFX

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  • 4 x 12" Celestion Speakers
  • 120 Watts

Marshall MG412BCF Carbon Fibre 120W Base Cab for MG100HCFX


Specifically designed and styled to be used with the monstrous MG head, these robust cabs provide the opportunity of your very own Marshall half or full stack - one of the most iconic images in music history and indelibly linked to many of the greatest guitarists of the past half century.

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To tonally complement the MG100HCFX are the Celestion-loaded MG412ACF and MG412BCF speaker cabinets. This Base cab contains 4 x 12" Celestion speakers and the wattage is 120 watts.


  • Cabinet Type: Base
  • Speakers: 4 x 12" Celestion
  • Power (RMS): 120 Watts
  • Input Type: Mono
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
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