Ibanez T30-E Troubadour Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp

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  • 8'' Coaxial Speaker Delivers 30 Watts of Luscious Power
  • Guitar & Mic Inputs For Incredible Versatility
  • Powerful 3-Band EQ Provides Excellent Tone Tweaking
  • Chorus & Reverb Effects Enhance Tonal Possibilities
  • Aux Input For Playing With Music & Backing Tracks

Ibanez T30-E Troubadour Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp

The Ibanez T30 Troubadour Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp is designed to offer immersive tones and excellent portability, all with the appearance of a hand-crafted boutique amplifier. The 8'' Coaxial speaker produces 30 watts of luscious tones, giving your electro acoustics voice the extra punch for small venues. The amp features a guitar channel and a mic channel, with independent controls and 3-band EQ to provide all the tone shaping you need without losing the perfect settings for the mic or guitar. The chorus and reverb effect add an extra layer of dynamics and tonal possibilities, while the aux input lets players play along to songs or backing tracks. The closed back design and tilt up system makes the Ibanez T30 Combo Amp the perfect companion for the gigging musician on a budget.

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Portable & Powerful

The Troubadour is designed for the small venues, featuring a solid, road-worthy construction while still packing a punch. Its 30 watts of power and 8’’ Coaxial speaker produces more than enough for practice and performing, while its volume and 3-band EQ allow for excellent tone tweaking to ensure you have the perfect sound. Channels for both guitar and microphone make the Ibanez T30 a versatile amp, and its aux input allows players to play along to music or backing tracks. Its aesthetic is designed to look like a hand crafted boutique amp, bringing sophistication and vintage style to players on a tight budget.

Classic Chorus & Reverb Effects

If the natural beauty of the amp isn’t enough, then Ibanez have included a chorus and reverb effect to deliver incredible soundscapes and enhance your tonality. The in-built chorus can be activated by the on/off button, letting you choose when to infuse your sound with a natural sounding dual tone while the speed control offers adjustment to the effect. The reverb works for both guitar and microphone, providing a wide variety of tonal possibilities to improve your playing experience.



  • Amp Type: Solid State
  • Power: 30W @ 8 Ohms
  • Speaker: 8’’ Coaxial w/Tweeter
  • Cabinet: Closed Back w/Tilt-Up System
  • Inputs: 1/4'’ Guitar Jack, Microphone XLR, Aux
  • Outputs: Headphones


  • Master:
    • Volume
    • Reverb
  • Guitar Channel:
    • Volume
    • Bass
    • Treble
    • Chorus Speed
    • Chorus On/Off
  • Microphone Channel:
    • Volume
    • Bass
    • Treble


  • Height: 276 mm
  • Width: 340 mm
  • Depth: 240 mm
  • Weight: 6.2kg
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