Fender ESC80 3/4 Classical Acoustic, Natural

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  • Perfect For Beginners & Younger Classical Players Due To 3/4 Size
  • Laminated Constructed For Added Strength & Durability
  • Spruce & Agathis Build Produce Clear & Versatile Sound
  • Classical Body & Fan Bracing For Traditional Sound
  • Natural Gloss Finish & Pearl Tuners For Classic Appearance

Fender ESC80 3/4 Classical Acoustic, Natural

The Fender ESC80 3/4 Classical Acoustic, Natural offers an affordable 3/4-sized classical guitar with traditional ornate details, perfect for beginners and younger players. The body is constructed from a laminated spruce top and laminated agathis back and sides which together deliver a versatile, clear and powerful sound that is well-balanced with great dynamics and definition. In addition, the Fender ESC80 features a 3/4 sized classical body which offers a comfortable playing experience and projects a traditional classical sound, perfect for Flamenco styles to intricate picking and classical strumming. Furthermore, the Fender ESC80 is an ideal entry level instrument for gaining experience and confidence within the classical genre or for experimenting with modern classical techniques and Arpeggios. Lastly, the Fender ESC80 3/4 Classical Acoustic also offers a traditional appearance with a classical slotted headstock, chrome hardware, pearl tuners and multi-stripe rosette.

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Laminated Spruce Top & Laminated Agathis Body

The Fender ESC80 features a laminated tonewood construction, offering durability and strength that won't warp or disturb the tonewoods through change in temperature, perfect for travelling with. Its laminated spruce top offers a broad dynamic range with a hint of bright sparkle, providing a versatile soundboard with a great response to a wide variety of techniques. In addition, the laminated spruce top is paired with laminated agathis back and sides which are lightweight, adding to the ESC80's comfort while also producing a well-balanced sound with a warm and lively tonal output.

Classical Body & Fan Bracing

With a 3/4-sized classical body and lightweight tonewoods, the Fender ESC80 offers a comfortable playing experience, ideal for beginners and smaller players. Its compact size is also great for the more experienced player craving an affordable classical instrument for sitting back comfortably with and practicing picking or chord work. This type of guitar is built specifically to handle classical and Flamenco-inspired genres while being perfect for experimenting with a variety of fingerpicking techniques. Furthermore, the ESC80's classical body also has traditional fan bracing which provides the Fender ESC80 with a warmer, earthier-sounding acoustic voice with a strong bass response and greater dynamic range.

Mahogany Neck

Constructed from mahogany, the ESC80's neck offers a quick and dynamic response while adding warmth and resonance to the guitar's overall sound. Furthermore, mahogany's nature allows it to respond greatly to a wide variety of techniques, perfect for achieving the desired tonal output from numerous playing styles.


  • Perfect entry level instrument
  • 3/4 size provides comfortable playing experience
  • Lightweight agathis back and sides add to comfortable play
  • Laminated tonewoods add to the guitar's durability, making it ideal for travelling with
  • Fan bracing enhances the overall tone with a much stronger bass response
  • Traditional ornate details for a classic appearance with a modern twist



  • Top Material: Laminated Spruce
  • Body Material: Laminated Agathis
  • Body Type: Traditional Classical
  • Size: 3/4
  • Bracing: Fan
  • Finish: Gloss Natural


  • Neck Material: Mahogany
  • Finish: Gloss

Hardware & Strings

  • Hardware Colour: Chrome/Pearl
  • Tuning Machines: Classical Pearl
  • Strings: Nylon