Epiphone FT-350SCE Electro Acoustic. Violin Burst w/ Min-ETune

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  • Epiphone's First Self-Tuning Acoustic Guitar
  • Equipped With Min-ETune Tuner System With 18 Presets
  • Shadow Performer Tuner & NanoFlex Pickup For Amplified Tones
  • Mahogany Back & Sides Offer Rich, Resonant Tones
  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top Brings Broad Dynamic Range

Epiphone FT-350SCE Electro Acoustic. Violin Burst w/ Min-ETune

The Epiphone FT-350SCE Electro Acoustic, Violin Sunburst w/ Min-ETune is Epiphone's first self-tuning acoustic guitar, and it is equipped with the innovative Min-ETune automatic tuning system. The Min-ETune is equipped with 18 presets including 12 factory and 6 user programmable, so that players can spend more time performing instead of wasting time tuning. The FT-350SCE is crafted with mahogany back and sides, that deliver rich, full-bodied tones with plenty of resonance; and it is topped with solid Sitka spruce, that enhances the tone with crisp and focused highs and excellent response. The addition of premium Shadow Electronics including a Performer Tuner Preamp System and a NanoFlex Pickup, provides incredible acoustic tones when plugged in. The Shadow Electronics allow players to sculpt their own sound easily with the Master Volume, 2-Band EQ, Dynamics and Phase controls. Finished in vintage Violin Sunburst and complete with a tortoise-shell pickguard, the Epiphone FT-350SCE Electro Acoustic looks just as good as it sounds.

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Epiphone's First Self-Tuning Acoustic Guitar

The FT-350SCE is Epiphones first self-tuning electro-acoustic guitar, and it uses the innovative Min-ETune Automatic Tuner System to achieve this. The Min-ETune allows users to select between 12 factory presets and 6 user programmable presets, to ensure that players can spend more time performing and less time tuning. The factory presets include Standard, DADGAD, Low D, Drop D, Eb, Double Drop D, Open E, Open A, Open D, Open G, Dobro and All 4th; to provide players with a range of tunings that will be sure to suit their own style. The Min-ETune can also be tuned to match other instruments, such as a piano; for an even more versatile performance.

Loaded With Quality Shadow Electronics

The Epiphone FT-350SCE Guitar is equipped with premium Shadow Electronics, including a Performer Tuner Preamp and a NanoFlex Pickup System. The preamp allows acoustic players to plug in and project their tones beautifully, as well as providing access to a convenient built in chromatic tuner, and shaping controls including 2-Band EQ, Master Volume, a Tuner/Mute button and a Phase Switch that cuts the feedback, without affecting the guitar's tone. The NanoFlex Pickup is located under the saddle, and it provides a 'truly acoustic' tone by combining both body and string tone for sonically pleasing amplification.

Mahogany & Sitka Spruce Construction

Crafted with mahogany back and sides, and topped with solid sitka spruce, the Epiphone FT-350SCE Electro-Acoustic Guitar delivers an array of sonically pleasing tones to suit different playing styles. Mahogany provides a rich, sonic warmth, with plenty of resonance and it offers thick, meaty mids; deep, woody lows; and good amounts of bite. The mahogany combined with the sitka spruce top, extends the mahogany's tonal range to enhance the overall sound with bright, tight and expressive characteristics. The sitka spruce top also delivers wide dynamic response, as well as a direct and focused tone.

3-Piece Hard Maple Neck & Rosewood Fingerboard

The 3-piece neck is strong, sturdy and can cope with excellent amounts of fast and aggressive shredding. The 3-piece neck is also more resistant to warping than a classic 1-piece, which ensures a long lasting neck. The maple provides a bright and twangy tone, with good sustain whilst the rosewood fingerboard brings soft and warm articulated tones.


Body & Bridge

  • Shape: FT
  • Body Material: Select Mahogany
  • Body Top: Solid Sitka Spruce
  • Bridge: Reverse Belly
  • Construction: Set-In
  • Bridge: 10-Layer (Top) & 2-Layer White/Black (Back)
  • Finish: Violin Burst

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck: 3-Piece Hard Maple
  • Profile: 1960s SlimTaper
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Radius: 12"
  • Scale: 25.5"
  • Inlays: Dot

Electronics & Hardware

  • Bridge Pickup: Shadow NanoFlex Under Saddle
  • Preamp: Shadow ePerformer System
  • Electronics: Min-ETune Automatic Tuner System
  • Tuning Presets:
    1. Standard
    2. DADGAD
    3. LOW D
    4. DROP D
    5. Eb
    7. OPEN E
    8. OPEN A
    9. OPEN D
    10. OPEN G
    11. DOBRO
    12. ALL 4th
  • Controls: Master Volume, Bass, Treble, Dynamics, Phase, Mute
  • Machine Heads: Min-ETune Vintage Style Keys 40:1 Ratio
  • Pickguard: Tortoiseshell
  • Includes: User Manual, Min-ETune Quick Start Guide, 1 Min-ETune Baterry, Min-ETune Battery Charger