Ashdown BassOMeter Dedicated Bass Tuner Pedal

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Ashdown BassOMeter Dedicated Bass Tuner Pedal


A raw dedicated tuner for bass players on the road. The pedal is housed in a durable metal case and features an input level control with a trademark Ashdown VU meter and LCD display to allow optimum tuning.

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The pedal also features an output level control essential for obtaining the perfect balance between the effect and the true bypass mode.

Pick up the Ashdown BassOmeter and you immediately know that this is a tuner that's built to take everything the road can throw at it. Housed in a durable, die-cast metal case with chrome bull bars to protect the tuning meter and LCD display, the BassOmeter can be powered by battery, or by an external DC source - perfect for use alongside Ashdown bass effects pedals in Ashdown's own, powered pedal board.

Accurate tuning is achieved with visual feedback from both an illuminated VU-style meter, and a series of 11 LEDs, with the note shown in a separate display.

Like all Ashdown bass FX pedals, the BassOmeter tuner features true bypass switching to ensure that the instrument signal remains completely unaffected when the tuner is switched out of the signal path.

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