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White Horse manufactures premium-level bass guitar amplifiers using high-grade components, quality craftsmanship and the latest in bass amp technology.

By providing the type of professional features that are only often found on much higher-end amplifiers, White Horse delivers the ultimate in power and tone.

Like all good bass amps, White Horse bass amps reproduce solid, sculpted bottom-end tones yet still retain the important higher harmonic frequencies created by a bass guitar.

Since bass amplifiers need to push a lot of air, White Horse bass amps are built with rugged speakers, which still retain flexibility.

Regardless of your application there is a White Horse bass amp to suit your needs. The BP35, BP80 and BP150 pack a stunning 35 Watts, 80 Watts and 150 Watts respectively.

White Horse Bass Amps also possess unique features such as onboard Chorus and Limiter.

White Horse bass amps have proven to bring a new level of affordability to the professional bass guitar amp.

White Horse Bass Amps

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