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Audio Interfaces and Soundcards are used to take multiple channels of audio into and out of a software setup on a computer.

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M-Audio’s USB interfaces have proved very popular, with the Fast Track MKII offering low cost, multi channel recording. Native Instruments have a number of USB soundcards ideal for DJs. FireWire interfaces are generally used for more advanced applications, Focusrite’s Saffire range provide budget and pro solutions, while Digidesign’s MBox provides tight integration with Pro Tools. PCI soundcards such as E-MU’s 0404 are ideal for those wanting low latency and maximum stability within a PC studio setup.

Audio Interface News

Elektron Turns Up the Temperature with the Analog Heat MKII

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5 Jul 2018 15:01

Universal Audio Power User - Free UAD Plug-Ins

Claim a free set of Universal Audio plug-ins when you purchase any UAD-2 DSP Accelerator.... More  »

8 Apr 2015 16:46

Behringer launches range of USB interfaces

The company has revealed the UM2, UM22, UMC202 and UMC204.... More  »

26 Feb 2013 11:28