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Wood Violins Are Here! Get Ready to Rock.

Wood Violins Europe Exclusive Gear4music electric violins string instruments
Wood Violins at Gear4music

Wood Violins Are Here! Get Ready to Rock.

Gear4music is now the exclusive European dealer for the most radical electric string instruments on the market - Wood Violins. Advanced ergonomics, custom builds, & more…

Wood Violins at Gear4music

Gear4music is incredibly excited to announce that we are now the exclusive European dealer for Wood Violins! Created by Mark Wood (multi-talented inventor of the first solid-body electric violin), Wood Violins is a small team of luthiers based in Port Washington, New York, USA. This small design team creates a wide range of handmade electric string instruments with a thoroughly forward-looking ethos and impeccable craftmanship.

Wood Violins has become prolific for its electric violin designs inspired by rock and metal guitar. Mark Wood has personally taken the sound of the electric violin to its extreme with a playing style that sits effortlessly in the heavy metal genre. If you're looking to push the boundaries of what you think the violin can achieve, you'll be joining a large roster of world-class players who have taken the same step with Wood Violins.

Wood Violins also caters for purists, and we've got a wide range of the traditionally-styled semi-acoustic electric violins in stock. We also have a custom design service available where you can specify your exact requirements to create your very own bespoke electric instrument.

Wood Violins In Stock Now at Gear4music

Gear4music has a selection of pre-configured Wood Violins in stock now, and we also offer a custom design service, where you can configure every aspect of your instrument to exactly how you require. With options for modern/traditional body designs, 4/5/6/7-string configurations, fretted options, multiple hardware choices, and a multitude of colour finishes, the sky is the limit!

Modern Electric Violins

Wood Violins at Gear4music

At the modern end of the violin spectrum, Wood Violins has created a range of modern electric instruments with 'extreme' body shapes that are built to stand out from the crowd. While many of them may look unorthodox, Mark Wood's designs are based on making the violin as easy to play and as comfortable as possible.

Patented Chest Support System

The Wood Viper model features many of Mark Wood's most innovative features. The Viper is a solid body electric violin with a patented Chest Support System design, meaning the violin will hold itself in place, freeing the performer from the traditional constraints of the instrument. This gives unbridled freedom for modern players who want to give the most energetic performance possible on stage.

Wood Viper Series

The design also gives great ergonomic advantage over traditional violins, with medicinal benefits for long-term use. A well-known neurologist and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Albert Casabona, uses Wood Violins instruments in demonstrations and lectures pertaining to solutions for musicians who suffer from neurological problems. See more on the Wood Viper violin here.

Frets and Phantom Frets

Wood Viper Series

As an optional extra on many of his modern instruments, Mark Wood has also developed a fret system allowing players to perform chords and arpeggios just like guitarists, free from the worry of losing intonation on noisy stages. This design is also fantastic for assisting with contemporary improvisation, letting players straddle the traditional and modern genres of music. A second 'Phantom Fret' design takes the visual guide of the frets to assist players' intonation, without having the actual frets embedded on the fingerboard.

Traditional Violin Designs Too!


For traditional players, the Nashville and Concert violin models combine the familiar looks of an acoustic violin with the versatility of an electric. A discretely positioned pickup and preamp system gives modern players the ability to perform in amplified situations with minimal outward indication they are using an electric instrument.

Pickup Options

Wood Violins feature two pickup options, including the Tru-Tone Pickup, with a full-bodied punch that will more than satisfy the needs of most players; and the Barbera Pickup, with exceptional sonic range and unsurpassed tonal quality. This multi piezo bridge produces beautiful sound fit for heavy rock, classical, jazz and anything else you can throw at it.

Overview of the Wood Violins Range

Here's an overview of some of the new Wood models and styles we'll be getting in stock at Gear4music. If you like the look of any instrument but would prefer a few different features or a different colour, find out more about custom design service here.

Wood Viper

The most radical electric violin from Wood Violins is the Viper model! In Mark Wood's words, the Viper is "the perfect example of practicality, innovation and originality."

This thoroughly contemporary instrument blends all the best innovations that Mark Wood and his team have developed over the years. Combining innovative ergonomic technology with a vast array of guitar-inspired playing specifications, the Viper is a brand-new style of violin for contemporary players who aren't afraid of pushing at the boundaries.

Wood Viper Series

The Viper's patented Chest Support System eliminates the need for a chin and shoulder rest; this self-supporting design gives incredible ergonomic advantage over traditional designs, letting you perform like never before, with the violin "floating" in position above your chest.

The Viper has a unique v-shaped design which is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Sealed-gear tuners are borrowed from electric guitar design and offer unparalleled stability and effortless tuning.

The custom options list for the Viper includes fretted/fretless/phantom frets, hardware colours, pickups (Tru-Tone or Barbera), and different finishes including special exotic tops. This particular model is also available with up to 7 strings, so the most adventurous players can achieve a radically-expanded range, usually associated with a complete string section! We’ve got 4 and 5 string models in stock now.

Wood StingRay SVX4/5

The Wood Stingray electric violin is based on the ethos, "priced for the enthusiast, performance for the pro". This is the ideal starting point if you're looking to expand your string playing into a new, more contemporary direction. The distinct body shape will help you stand out from the crowd, while the lightweight design ensures you'll be comfortable playing all night.

Wood StingRay Series

A Wood Tru-Tone pickup guarantees a clear amplified performance with "enhanced dynamics, warmth, and uncompromised clarity". The violin works without a battery, so there's no cumbersome electronics to weight you down. When you're not plugged in, the Stingray is almost completely silent, making it the ideal practice instrument. We have both 4 and 5 string models in stock.

Wood Concert Series

For string players who prefer the traditional aesthetic, the Wood Concert Series electro acoustic violin blends the best of acoustic and electric designs. The acoustic design gives a fantastic un-plugged tone, being constructed from aged wood (minimum 5 years) with high-quality maple for the ribs and back with a close-grain, carved spruce top.

When you're ready to get plugged-in, whether that be on stage or in the studio, the Concert Standard features discrete electronics with only a volume control and input jack on display. This violin is the ideal hybrid instrument for players who want the traditional aesthetic of an acoustic violin with the versatility of an electric one.

Wood Concert Deluxe

Wood Concert Series

The Wood Violins Concert Deluxe is an upgrade to the standard Concert model above. The Deluxe is constructed from well-figured, aged maple for the ribs and back (aged at least 7 years) along with a Guarneri style ebony chin rest and Wittner fine tuning pegs. This model is also available as a 5-string variant for modern players who'd like to venture into the viola/cello registers.

Wood Nashville

"If you’re looking for an instrument to help you navigate the world as a modern string player, let The Nashville guide your way." Wood Violins

Wood Nashville Series

The Nashville model by Wood Violins is a premium instrument for modern players who prefer a traditional look. Carefully hand-crafted by WV's premier luthiers, this model can seamlessly traverse from classical to popular styles.

The neck-through, semi-hollow construction gives enhanced sustain and resonance, while the traditional, asymmetric design with poplar body and ebony fingerboard will deliver an expressive acoustic tone.

When you're ready to plug in, the Nashville model features discrete TruTone electronics which allow you to explore all the modern sounds associated with Mark Wood's playing - distortion, sustain, and feedback - with the use of pedals & effects.

With 4 and 5-string models available, alongside multiple finishes, this is an instrument you can customise to exactly how you like!

Wood Katana Sabre

The Sabre by Wood Violins is a great transitional instrument for acoustic players looking to join the world of electric violin playing. The body is heavily inspired by electric guitar design yet provides a familiar playing feel for those who like the 'under the chin' experience.

Wood Sabre Series

The Sabre is equally capable in the fiddle and rock genres, and the long list of spec options means you can get the exact setup you require, with options for 4/5-string models, frets/fretless/phantom fingerboard, Wood or Barbera pickups, hardware (black/silver/gold), and custom finishes.

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 1 Oct 2018 10:25 to category : Instruments News

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