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Win an EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Flanger!

EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Stereo Flanger
EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Stereo Flanger

***Competition Closed***We are giving away the EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids stereo flanger that featured in our demo video! Competition closes Saturday 19th May.

Gear4music recently made a demo video of the new EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids stereo flanger - this was one of the very first devices in the UK and we thought it sounded fantastic! To celebrate the launch of the EQD Pyramids, we're giving one lucky customer the chance to win the very same pedal that featured in our video.

If you'd like to be one of the first owners of this awesome device, simply head over to the Gear4music Facebook page and comment on the competition post (in ten words or less) how you think the pedal sounds.

EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Competition

The winner will be the person with the most creative answer, so do your best to make us ponder, make us laugh, or make us want to go out and create music with this pedal immediately due to your awe-inspiring description!

The EQD Pyramids Stereo Flanger

EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Competition

The Pyramids stereo flanger offers eight flanger modes and five presets to store your sounds. The pedal is built on the same DSP architecture as the popular Avalanche Run pedal, and it provides (in EQD's words), "convincing jet-engine roar, authentic through-zero tape-style warble, infinite barber pole sweeps, flexible I/O routing, and the ability to re-trigger the LFO cycle via footswitch opens up a fourth dimension of rhythmic possibilities that’s sure to tickle your third ear."

As with all EQD pedals, the Pyramids features a wide range of connectivity options including a stereo output, dual-mono outputs for use with two amps and even dual inputs. An additional mode lets you use an external device to trigger the flanging effect - what EQD names "Side Chain Flanging". This technique should be familiar to synth users, whereby an external source (drum machine, sequencer etc) will control the actual effect response, while your primary instrument is playing as usual.

The Pyramids' 5 factory presets offer flange sounds for Classic, Barber Pole Up, Trigger Up, Step and Random. Each preset can be overwritten, so you can customise the pedal with your own favourite sounds. The pedal uses Flexi-Switch technology, meaning you can operate the bypass footswitch in standard latching mode or in momentary latching mode for 'stutter' effects or highlighting short passages of playing. The Pyramids has pro-quality 24-bit 96kHz A/D & D/A converters alongside an all-analog signal path for premium sound fidelity.

About EarthQuaker Devices

EarthQuaker devices was founded in Akron, California by Jamie Stillman, after tinkering with his own broken overdrive pedal and going on to create his first production-run pedal - the Hoof fuzz. With the popularity of the Hoof fuzz pedal, EarthQuaker Devices expanded into a team of 50 "proud guitar nerds, a bunch of bearded dudes, and a couple ladies". EQD's pedals have won numerous magazine-review awards and the NAMM "Best in Show" award, and every pedal is made by hand.

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EarthQuaker Devices

EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Flanger

Gear4music Giveaway - EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Flanger

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 12 May 2018 09:00 to category : Instruments News

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