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Win a 7500 GBP Home Studio with Harman! #StayHomeStudio

HARMAN #StayHomeStudio
Harman #StayHomeStudio
Harman #StayHomeStudio

Win a £7,500 Home Studio with HARMAN! #StayHomeStudio

Submit your entry now to win an incredible home studio prize and recording opportunity from HARMAN. Find out more about the #StayHomeStudio challenge.

Recent world events have given musicians new opportunities to express themselves and connect with fans. Keen to support the stay-at-home creative movement, HARMAN and SBTV are pairing up to offer an incredible prize for one talented vocalist and one producer.


Musicians and creatives have been shining the light on community spirit in recent weeks and months. There has been an explosion of new creative material and online collaboration. Easy access to affordable but high-quality home studio equipment means the music now being produced at home sounds better than ever.

To support this creative movement, HARMAN and SBTV have joined forces to provide an exciting opportunity for artists to collaborate internationally. The prize for one talented vocalist and producer is to win a home studio setup worth £7,500 from HARMAN’s award-winning AKG, JBL, Lexicon, and Soundcraft brands!

We’re calling on producers and vocalists to get involved and participate in the #StayHomeStudio challenge!

Submit your music on social media to work with other pros, get your music heard, and win a top-of-the-line studio prize!

How it works

Starting on 8th May, producers and vocalists will have 2 weeks to submit their musical creation on social media. The deadline to submit your entry is midnight on Friday, 22nd May.

A panel of judges from HARMAN and SBTV will select 1 winning producer and 1 winning vocalist. Those winners will be announced on Monday, 25th May.

The winning producer and vocalist will not only receive a top-of-the-range home studio from HARMAN, they will also work together from their respective home studios to produce a 3-track E.P, filming the process as they go. The “making of” video will be released between Monday, 25th May and Thursday, 4th June. The final tracks will be released on Friday, 5th June and distributed via SBTV onto digital streaming platforms.

The prizes

HARMAN, which owns several award-winning brands including AKG, JBL, Soundcraft and Lexicon, will provide the winners with the following products, allowing the producer and vocalist to enhance their home studio with professional-grade equipment:

JBL 708P Studio Monitors x2

JBL 708P Studio Monitor

The JBL 708P Studio Monitors are built for critical music recording, film post, and broadcast applications These outstanding monitors offer significant output levels that musicians and producers will love. JBL's proprietary Image Control Waveguide provides stunning detail and great accuracy for any critical application.

The 708P's are also jam-packed with technology. An integrated Room EQ system solves any room frequency issues, with the onboard LCD display giving access to 12-band EQ, digital delay correction for different listening postitions, and AV syncronisation to correct video display latency. All of this tech is packaged in a compact, two-way monitor that will bring immediate benefit to any session.

Find out more | JBL 708P Studio Monitors

AKG C414 XLS Microphone

AKG C414 XLS Microphone

A studio legend since 1971. The AKG C414 has become an icon of versatility, pro sound quality, and incredible detail.

With nine selectable polar patterns, this microphone can do it all... and then some. You'll find patterns for omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-of-eight, and more. An additional three bass-cut filters and three attenuation levels mean you'll be ready for any instrument, any location, and any volume.

Find out more | AKG C414 XLS Microphone

AKG K361-BT Studio Headphones with Bluetooth

AKG K361-BT Studio Headphones with Bluetooth

With a super wide frequency response from 15 Hz to 28 kHz, these headphones are perfect for both professional audio applications and general music enjoyment.

The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and 24 hours of battery life ensure you'll remain connected for the entirety of your listening session. When you're ready for critical monitoring, rest-assured that these headphones match AKG’s Reference Response Curve - an acoustic target refined over more than a decade of research.

Find out more | AKG K361-BT Studio Headphones with Bluetooth

Soundcraft Signature 12MTK Mixer

Soundcraft Signature 12MTK Mixer

Here's a mixing desk that can become the hub of your live and studio setup. With an intergrated USB audio interface, it's ready to plug into your computer and go.

Onboard Lexicon effects ensure you'll be ready to monitor and track with pro-quality reverbs, delays, and more. The analog mic preamps and EQ are taken directly from Soundcraft's top-of-the-line consoles, so you'll be guaranteed that classic 'console' sound on any session.

Find out more | Soundcraft Signature 12MTK Mixer

Lexicon PCM Total Reverbs And Effects Plug-In Bundle

Accessories (mic stand and cables)

How to enter

Post a video of you playing or singing your song on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (maximum 60 seconds).

Make sure to use all the following tags in your post description so we see your entry!

For Facebook:

1. #StayHomeStudio

2. @akg


For Instagram and Twitter:

1. #StayHomeStudio

2. @akgaudio

3. @sbtvonline

For full T&Cs, see the Harman website T&Cs.

Entry criteria


  • Open to all producers, regardless if you’re just getting started or have years of experience
  • Must feature your own original composition/beat
  • Can be from any musical genre
  • Video must be filmed in portrait mode and show yourself playing back the track


  • Open to all vocalists, regardless if you’re just getting started or have years of experience
  • Can be from any musical genre
  • Video must be filmed in portrait mode and show yourself performing

The judges – what they will consider

For producers:

  • Inspires an emotional connection
  • Chart topping ability
  • Composition
  • Mixing and mastering skills

For vocalists:

  • Vocal technique
  • Tone & flow
  • Performance and emotional delivery
  • Connection with “the beat”

Find out more

Shop now | JBL Professional Audio

Shop now | Soundcraft Mixers

Shop now | AKG

Find out more | SBTV: Music on YouTube

Find out more | Harman Audio - #StayHomeStudio

Find out more | Sound Technology

See the full Competition Terms and Conditions.

Posted on 8 May 2020 00:00 to category : Instruments News

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