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What's the Story? BOSS WAZA Craft

The story of BOSS's legendary WAZA Craft Division
The story of BOSS's legendary WAZA Craft Division

The story of BOSS's legendary WAZA Craft Division - 'art and craft' distilled into premium guitar products.

BOSS first introduced the world to WAZA Craft back in 2014 with the launch of three pedals; the BD-2W WAZA Craft Custom Blues Driver Pedal, SD-1W WAZA Craft Custom Super Overdrive Pedal and the DM-2W WAZA Craft Custom Delay Pedal. Since then, BOSS has expanded its WAZA line with even more pedals and a complete amplifier range.

For those who are wondering, "WAZA" is a Japanese term meaning 'art and technique'; it is a reflection of the care and attention that BOSS has put into its premium range of products. You can be sure that any BOSS product proudly wearing the distinctive WAZA Craft logo will be a true reflection of the 'WAZA' concept.

Alongside the series of original WAZA pedals, the WAZA Craft pedal range also includes 'reborn' versions of some popular devices from the BOSS back-catalogue, including the CE-2W WAZA Craft Chorus Pedal, the VB-2W WAZA Craft Vibrato Pedal, and a remake of a ubiquitous tuner, the TU-3W WAZA Craft Chromatic Tuner.

BOSS TU-3W Waza Craft Chromatic Tuner

Considering the rugged build-quality and long lifespan of the standard range of BOSS pedals, the WAZA Craft series isn't about fixing what's broken; it's about taking a great product and elevating it to the next level!

All WAZA pedals are built or tested at BOSS HQ in Japan with incredible tolerances. The pedals feature upgraded components to ensure that they provide the optimum quality signal path for premium tone, whether the pedal is engaged or bypassed.

Boss SD-1W Waza Craft Custom Super Overdrive Pedal

An important part of the WAZA magic comes from the 'mode' switch, allowing you to operate each pedal in the special WAZA Craft Custom Mode, or as a refined-version of the original pedal's circuit design. Engaging the Custom Mode on the SD-1W Super Overdrive and the BD-2W Blues Driver unlocks an enhanced version of the original pedal sound, with increased dynamic range, sustain and mid-range grunt. Think of it as the classic pedal on steroids!

The DM-2W Delay Pedal, CE-2W Chorus and VB-2W Vibrato answer the prayers of longtime pedal aficionados. While the original versions of these devices can only be obtained with a hefty dose of luck on the second-hand market, not to mention a significant financial outlay, the new WAZA pedals are available to buy now, brand-new, with meticulous recreations of the original analog circuitry and BOSS's premium, contemporary build-quality.

Not only are these pedals freely available to buy today, WAZA Craft has given BOSS the chance to look back at its past glories and reimagine them for the future - its pedals now also have expanded features compared to their predecessors. The DM-2W Delay's Custom Mode allows the user to access twice the delay time of the original DM-2, while still retaining the same sonic fingerprint of the original. The CE-2W Chorus adds stereo outputs and new sounds to the classic BOSS chorus Ensemble, while the VB-2W Vibrato adds an expression pedal output for on-the-fly control of the Depth parameter.

The WAZA Division has spurred even more innovation when it comes to BOSS guitar amps. While guitar players have always craved the organic sounds of old-school valve amps, BOSS has broken new ground with the WAZA amp range by creating amps which offer the sound and, more importantly, the feel of these premium amps using solid state technology.

The Boss WAZA Amp Head is a fully-fledged 150-watt head, capable of dominating any stage and recording session with its 5 modes. WAZA technology ensures that players get fantastic tube-amp tones without the tube-amp maintenance issues. The same tech is also available in the lower-powered 75-watt WAZA head.

This tech has trickled down to the best-selling Katana guitar amp range, and the recently-released Boss Katana Artist has lifted that technology to the pinnacle of tone with the specially developed WAZA Craft speaker. The WAZA speaker was created on the back of intense research into the pre-Rola Celestion Greenback speaker, using 26 different elements of analysis to perfect the tone while providing 100 watts of power handling capability.

The most recent addition to the Katana range was the fantastic Boss Katana Air Wireless Guitar Amplifier - the world's first completely wireless guitar amplifier featuring battery power and its own wireless guitar transmitter.

WAZA - art and craft

A superior level of care and attention is found in all WAZA devices and is what defines "WAZA" Craft; it's BOSS, but even better!

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By Pete Wilson

Posted on 5 Apr 2018 17:02 to category : Instruments News

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