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Universal Audio Launches LUNA Early!

Universal Audio LUNA
Universal Audio LUNA

Universal Audio Launches LUNA Early!

Universal Audio’s brand-new LUNA Recording System is here. Take your Universal Audio interface to the next level.

Universal Audio

By Matt Wilkinson | Published 08.04.20

Universal Audio LUNA Recording System was announced at NAMM 2020, and we were more than a little excited about what it meant for UA device owners. After 7 years’ R&D, the LUNA release has been brought forward, giving people something new to try out while social distancing is taking full effect.

What is LUNA?

LUNA is a brand-new recording system for Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt interfaces. Not just a standalone piece of music production software, LUNA fully integrates with Apollo Thunderbolt devices, bringing your Apple Mac and Apollo interface closer together than ever before.  

LUNA brings deep software integration with the hardware of Apollo interfaces. Promising the “fastest recording environment for music production, editing, and mixing”, LUNA is offered free for every current and new UA Apollo Thunderbolt user on Mac systems.

What does LUNA include?

As well as providing a complete audio workflow, LUNA offers optional Neve console summing, Studer Multitrack Tape emulation, and brand-new LUNA software instruments - including instruments from MOOG, amongst others.

LUNA promises to speed up with response of your Apollo system. Its DSP-powered plugins featuring no discernible latency, and the Accelerated Realtime Monitoring delivers “analog-style tracking and overdubbing workflows.”

Neve Summing: Get the sound of the Neve 80 series analog console with this optional plugin. Transform your digital mix into an inspiring sonic landscape with the warmth and depth that, up to now, only an analog console could deliver.

Studer Analog Tape: The optional Studer A800 Tape Recorder Extension offers punch and texture independently for any number of tracks in your project. Tweak your sound with Saturation, Tape Formula, Tape Speed, and more.

LUNA Instruments

Universal Audio

Get a suite of truly inspiring software instruments, straight out the box. These software instruments are available individually as optional ad-ons, giving you a wide range of premium sounds for music creation.

  • Ravel Grand Piano: a Steinberg Model B grand piano, meticulously reproduced with UA’s exclusive sampling and new Ultra-Resonance technology. Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, this instrument has a studio-ready sound with incredible dynamics, nuance, and responsiveness.
  • Moog Minimoog: developed in collaboration with Moog Music, the Minimoog is an accurate and inspiring recreation of this classic synth. Get every nuance of Moog’s oscillators and ladder filters: UA’s transistor VCA modelling captures everything, warts and all.
  • Shape: an extensive collection of real instrument samples. Here you’ll find vintage keys, drums, guitars, basses, orchestral content, and realtime synthesis.
  • Spitfire Audio: here’s the only collection of orchestral instruments you’ll need. Chamber Strings, Symphonic Brass, and Symphonic Woodwinds, all captured at London’s prestigious AIR studios.

What does LUNA do?

As well as its collection of plugins and virtual instruments, Universal Audio LUNA will speed up your Apollo workflow.

Accelerated Realtime Monitoring: LUNA includes an onboard software console to monitor and route your Apollo hardware. Using Apollo’s DSP, you’ll get sub-2ms latency for a user-experience that feels just like analog.

Realtime UAD Processing: UAD plugins can be used in real-time with no discernible latency – even when tracking. Enjoy Unison mic preamp plugins from Neve, API, Avalon, Manley, and more for the ultimate analog-style recording session.

What is LUNA compatible with?

LUNA will seamlessly integrate with these Apollo Thunderbolt devices:

New and current users will be able to access LUNA right now!

Universal Audio

Find out more | Universal Audio at Gear4music

Posted on 8 Apr 2020 17:59 to category : Instruments News

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