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Top Beginner Instruments

Top Beginner Instruments
Top Beginner Instruments
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Thinking about starting a musical instrument? Here are our top picks of where you should get started.

Ready to start playing a musical instrument? There's a world of options out there, and this guide will help you narrow down your choice.

These instruments are some of the very best for beginners. Many of them are available in smaller sizes for younger hands, and you can also find bundles with everything you need to get started.

1. Guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn. It is hugely versatile, and you’ll find it in all genres of music. Within the guitar family you can choose the specific instrument that suits your style. Looking to play rock and pop? Choose an electric guitar. If you’re more into folk and singer-songwriters, try an acoustic guitar. Classical guitar is also perfect for beginners - its nylon strings are softer on the fingers. A ukulele is a close relative of the guitar – its smaller size and fewer strings makes it a fantastic choice for beginners who want to make music as quick as possible. Don’t forget bass guitar if you want to become the foundation of any band!

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2. Keyboard

Piano is one of the all-time favourite starter instruments. It is the perfect gateway to learning music theory, composition, and all genres of music. Whether you become a keyboard maestro, or you move onto another instrument, the piano is a wonderful starting place. If you want a wide range of instrument sounds from a portable device, you’ll love our range of keyboards. If you want the feel of an acoustic piano but with the portability of a digital instrument, see our range of digital pianos – they often have a hammer-action keyboard for an authentic playing feel.

Start your search for beginner pianos and keyboards

3. Drums

Drummers have never had it better. You can buy a complete drum kit package and get everything you need to start playing. Once you’ve started playing, you’ll be ready to try out different genres and find your niche. Whether you’re into rock, metal, pop, jazz, blues, folk, or more, there’re endless opportunities to get playing. Beginners can buy a complete acoustic kit to get started, or if you’d prefer a quieter option, try our digital drum kits. We also sell compact tabletop electronic drums which feature several drum pads to let you develop your technique.

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4. Violin

Classical music is a brilliant place to start your musical journey, and the violin is perhaps the most iconic classical instrument. If you begin the violin in school, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to join orchestras and ensembles. As well as learning ensemble music, the violin is a wonderful solo instrument; you’ll never get bored with the huge range of repertoire you can play on the violin! Once you’ve developed your technique, you can look at different genres of music including folk, Gypsy Jazz, country, bluegrass, and even rock – check out our range of electric violins and plug into an amp for expansive possibilities!

Start your search for beginner violins

5. Cello

The cello is the most versatile string instrument in the orchestra. If you like the idea of playing resonant basslines as well as soaring melodies, the cello should be your starting point! Once you start learning, you could join the orchestra, join a string quartet, and learn some fantastic solo material (the Bach Cello Suites will provide endless inspiration!). Don’t be worried by the cello’s size if you’re a young player – we have smaller versions available.

If you want to focus solely on the bass range, why not consider a double bass? It forms the powerful foundation of the orchestra.

Start your search for beginner cellos

6. Trumpet

Trumpet is equally happy in jazz, classical, big band, pop, soul, funk, and brass bands. If you start learning the trumpet, you’ll never run out of opportunities to get performing! We also sell a wide range of plastic instruments which are perfect for beginners and experienced players who want a lightweight option. These plastic instruments function in exactly the same way as their brass counterparts; they are just lighter and more affordable! If you like the sound of the brass section but want a different tonal quality, the trombone makes an equally strong starting point for beginners.

Start your search for beginner trumpets

7. Saxophone

The saxophone is well known for its jazz credentials. If you pick up the sax, you’ll find yourself able to play the genres of pop, jazz, classical, soul, big band, and much more. Once you’ve picked up the technique of the saxophone, there is an easy transition to clarinet as they share the same fingering.

Start your search for beginner saxophones

8. Flute

The flute is one of the nimblest classical instruments. If you want to play exciting melodies and become a small but integral part of an orchestra, the flute should be your instrument of choice! Flutes also have a huge range of solo repertoire, as well as many unique ensemble pieces to explore.

Start your search for beginner flutes

9. Clarinet

The clarinet has a close relationship with the saxophone. If you pick up either instrument, you’ll have no problem transferring to the other as they share the same fingering. Both of these woodwind instruments are played with a reed, and you’ll find a fantastic range of beginner packages at Gear4music.

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10. Recorder

The recorder is a staple of school music, and for one very good reason – it’s super easy to get to grips with! The simple technique of the recorder lets you focus your attention on the notes and rhythms, without working too hard on just making a basic sound. Once you’ve spent some time with the recorder, you can choose any number of woodwind or brass instruments to develop your skills. Sure, the technique will be different, but your key musical skills will speed up the process of learning!

Start your search for beginner recorders

11. Studio & Production

Studio & production is an interesting area to focus your musical attention. There are two separate areas that you can dive into.

The first is recording. If you want to learn how to capture musical sounds, whether that’s instruments, vocals, podcasts, or complete ensembles, you can buy an audio interface. An audio interface will let you connect microphones and instruments to your computer for recording. With a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software, you’ll be able to playback and mix your tracks.

We have a great range of studio bundles to get you started with recording music.

The second area you can explore is music production. This subject is all about using technology and musical instruments to make music. Most DAW software includes built-in musical instruments that you can play with an external MIDI controller. MIDI controllers come in many different forms, such as keyboards, drum pads, mixing desks, and any combination of the above. Many DAWs also let you organise sampled music – small snippets of audio taken from other tracks that you can layer up to create new music. An easy way to get started with music production is by downloading Garageband to your iOS device – it’s free! Another easy way to get started is by buying a MIDI keyboard controller – many now come complete with software instruments and a DAW to get you started.

Start your search for beginner studio and production gear

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