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Top 5 Headphones for Music Listening

Top 5 Headphones
Top 5 Headphones

Top 5 Headphones for Music Listening

There are so many great headphones out there, it’s hard to know where to begin. Here’s our guide to help you find the perfect pair…

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By Matthew Deamer | Published 11.05.20

We’ve picked 5 pairs of headphones designed to make your music listening a joy. We reveal what makes them stand out from the rest.

What makes a great pair of headphones?

It’s all about three important factors – look, feel and sound.

A great pair of headphones balances these elements to create something special. When the blend is just right, you won’t want to take your headphones off. You’ll spend hours rediscovering your favourite records, hearing them like never before.

For our top 5, we’ve chosen a selection of closed back headphones. These are perfect for using at home because they cover your ears comfortably and they block out background noise. TVs, hair dryers, hoovers – none of them will disrupt the music. Importantly, your music won’t bother the people around you too.

Which headphones are right for me?

Everyone enjoys music differently. If music is the soundtrack to your workout session, then you might prioritise comfort over everything else.

If you want to sit back, relax, and have a mesmerising listening experience, then state-of-the-art sound reproduction will be at the top of your agenda.

There’s no right or wrong - it’s about what’s important to you.

Shure SRH240A Professional

Shop now | Shure SRH240A Professional Headphones

There’s a reason their popularity hasn’t waned in ten years - the SRH240As deliver deep bass and detail that leaves the competition behind.

These classic headphones don’t blare at you with harsh highs and muddy mids - they deliver impressively clear sound that compliments all styles of music.

A lightweight, sleek design makes for easy listening in any situation, and because of Shure’s rigorous testing and refinement, the 240As will last you a lifetime. If you’re looking for a great pair of headphones that performs beyond its price point, you can’t go wrong with the Shure SRH240A.

Shop now | Shure SRH240A Professional Headphones

Sennheiser HD 280 PRO II

Shop now | Sennheiser HD 280 Pro II Closed Back Headphones

Wonderfully precise and articulate –the Sennheiser HD280s are for truly detailed listening.

Large premium drivers deliver sound that is textured and three dimensional, letting you discover new nuances in your music. It’s no surprise that they’re favoured by audio engineers and home listeners who want to hear everything.

Thanks to the sizeable leatherette headband, the HD280s offer a delightfully snug fit, whilst the swivel cup design perfectly adapts to your head shape. Along with a collapsible frame for easy portability, the HD280 Pro II are an expertly crafted pair of headphones.

Shop now | Sennheiser HD 280 Pro II Closed Back Headphones

V-Moda M-100 Crossfade

Shop now | V-Moda M-100 Crossfade Headphones, White Silver

Deliciously hyped and punchy. V-Moda’s M100s are powerful headphones, guaranteed to take your music up a notch.

Laser-sharp clarity imparts your songs with a thoroughly addictive energy, while the deluge of bass adds serious weight to proceedings. It’s no wonder the M100s are a popular choice amongst DJs, pro musicians, and hip-hop fans who need their music to thump.

The M-100s are made of tough stuff too. The virtually indestructible SteelFlex headband and military-grade components are designed to handle high-energy movement, while Bliss memory foam earpads keep heavy listening sessions feeling comfy. To top it off, a protective exoskeleton carry case lets you take your M-100s anywhere in style.

Shop now | V-Moda M-100 Crossfade Headphones, White Silver

beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Shop now | beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones, 80 Ohm

When you choose the same headphones that producers use worldwide to make the music you love, you can be sure your music will sound great on the DT770s.

These high-end studio headphones have been embraced by home listeners everywhere. By blending gorgeously warm bass with forensically precise highs, the DT770s deliver an astoundingly rich sound.

The fully adjustable faux-leather headband is light and flexible, while the velvety soft earcups gently encapsulate your ears, guaranteeing comfort during extended listening sessions. With a perfect blend of comfort, style, and premium audio, he DT770 Pro headphones are absolutely worth your attention.

Shop now | beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones, 80 Ohm

Audio Technica ATH-M60x Professional Monitor Headphones

Shop now | Audio Technica ATH-M60x Professional Monitor Headphones, Black

High fidelity sound like no other. The ATM-M60x are for those seeking a true audiophile experience.

Painstakingly calibrated to impart all styles of music with just the right energy, the ATH-M60x breathes new life into songs you’ve heard a thousand times. Staggering amounts of depth and realism create an immersive sound world that lets you inhabit your music.

Once you hear the ATH-M60x you won’t want to take them off, so it’s a good thing they’re an absolute pleasure to wear. Ultra-comfortable memory foam earpads exude luxury - you’ll be able to listen to them for hours without fatigue. It’s no wonder they’re unanimously praised by audio fanatics everywhere.

Shop now | Audio Technica ATH-M60x Professional Monitor Headphones, Black

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