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Top 10 Pianos For Playing At Home

Top 10 Digital Pianos
Top 10 Digital Pianos

Top 10 Pianos For Playing At Home

Here’s our pick of the best digital pianos you use to play and practise at home.

Top 10 Digital Pianos

By Matt Wilkinson | Published 14.05.20

Digital pianos combine the feel of an acoustic piano with the convenience of an electronic instrument. With compact designs and the ability to be played with headphones, they are perfect for home use..

How a digital piano works

A digital piano is designed to feel and sound just like an acoustic piano.

Whereas acoustic pianos take up a lot of room and are quite loud, digital pianos are much more compact and can be played silently. 

Digital pianos have a weighted keyboard, so that they feel like an acoustic instrument to play. More premium models even have hammer action keyboards that replicate the mechanism of an acoustic piano for a more involving playing experience. 

Digital pianos create their sound with a digital processor. Some models have different types of piano sound available, and they can also reproduce the reverb sound of different environments – concert halls being a common choice.

Digital piano sounds are generally played through onboard speakers or a headphone output for silent playing.

Which digital piano is best for beginners?

The SDP-2 Stage Piano by Gear4music is a fantastic beginner’s piano. It has a touch responsive keyboard, compact design, and different instrument sounds.

Which digital piano should I buy?

Digital pianos come in all shapes and sizes. Stage pianos are a great choice as they feature a weighted keyboard for nuanced playability, a compact design that is perfect for use at home, and they can be played silently with headphones. Look out for a great value bundle with the accessories you need to get playing at home.

Stage pianos can be mounted on an X-frame stand, or you could choose a wood frame stand with a digital upright piano, which looks more like a piece of furniture.

The more money you spend on a digital piano, the better the keyboard mechanism you’ll get for a more involving playing feel. Premium digital pianos have a hammer action mechanism – just like you’d find on an acoustic piano.

A bigger budget will also get you more realistic piano sounds. The sounds may be sampled from real grand pianos, and you may get additional noises from the piano (such as sympathetic string vibrations and pedal noise) to make the experience even more immersive.


Top 10 digital pianos

We’ve chosen 10 great digital pianos for playing at home. Our picks are mostly stage pianos (convenient for the home), or digital upright pianos (with a wood frame or cabinet). We’ve highlighted great value bundles which include a stand, pedals, stool, and other accessories to get you started. 


SDP-2 Stage Piano by Gear4music

SDP-2 Stage Piano by Gear4music   Stand, Pedal and Headphones

A full size 88-key stage piano, brimming with features at a great price.

The SDP-2 has full size 88-key keyboard, weighted for a touch responsive feel. You’ll also find different instrument sounds to play, and you can choose to play out loud with the onboard speakers, or silently with headphones. 

This compact piano is great for home use, and the accessory bundles give you everything you need to play at home. Perfect for new piano players.

Shop now | SDP-2 Stage Pianos by Gear4music

Shop now | SDP-2 Stage Piano by Gear4music Stand, Pedal and Headphones

Shop now | SDP-2 Stage Piano by Gear4music Stand, Pedal and Headphones, White


SDP-3 Stage Piano by Gear4music

SDP-3 Stage Piano by Gear4music   Stand, Pedal and Headphones

If you’ve got a little more budget, the upgrade to the SDP-3 gets you a hammer action keyboard for the authentic playing feel of an acoustic piano.

With enhanced touch responsiveness, you’ll be able to get the very best out of your music.

A full-size 88-key keyboard covers the full range you’ll need for any genre, while the compact design, lightweight chassis, and multiple instrument sounds makes this the perfect piano for playing at home.

Shop now | SDP-3 Stage Piano by Gear4music

Shop now | SDP-3 Stage Piano by Gear4music Stand, Pedal and Heapdhones


Casio CDP 230R

Casio CDP 230R Digital Piano Pack

Casio is one of the big names in the piano world, and the CDP 230R gives you premium features at a fantastic price.

A hammer action keyboard provides the playing mechanism of an acoustic piano. Casio’s Scaled Hammer Action technology means the keys are heavier to play lower down the range, giving you an even more authentic feel. Musicians can make the most of that playing feel with expanded 48-note polyphony.

Built-in “Step Up” lessons are perfect for getting you started, while the 700 instrument sound, 200 rhythms, and song recording function allow you to get creative with your music making. For a limited time, you can also claim a free digital music book from Rockschool.

Shop now | Casio CDP 230R Digital Piano, Black

Shop now | Casio CDP 230R Digital Piano Pack with stand, case, headphones, and stool


Casio CDP S350

Casio CDP S350 Digital Piano X Frame Package, Black

The Casio CDP S350 brings premium features in a super lightweight chassis. At just 10.9KG, this slimline instrument is ideal for smaller spaces.

Despite its compact size, the CDP S350 includes Casio’s Scaled Hammer Action II mechanism for an authentic acoustic piano playability.

This piano also features wireless connectivity with the Chordana Play for Piano app, letting you control instrument settings, record your playing, playback MIDI files, view PDF scores on your device, and more.

Casio’s Step Up learning function and free Rockschool digital book download are perfect learning resources to get you started.

Shop now | Casio CDP S350 Digital Piano

Shop now | Casio CDP S350 Digital Piano X Frame Package, Black


DP-6 Digital Piano by Gear4music

DP-6 Digital Piano by Gear4music   Accessory Pack, White

The DP-6 digital piano comes with a wood frame stand. While almost as compact as a stage piano (on an x-frame stand), the DP-6 looks closer to a cabinet piano and makes a classy piece of furniture for the home.

To match its sleek aesthetic, the DP-6 also feels fantastic with its hammer action, 88-key keyboard giving you a natural playing experience. You’ll also enjoy an immersive sound with 64-note polyphony, multiple instrument sounds, built-in speakers, and headphone output.

Players with a home studio setup will also appreciate the USB connection, letting you connect to your PC and control software instruments with ease.

Shop now | DP-6 Digital Piano by Gear4music

Shop now | DP-6 Digital Piano by Gear4music Accessory Pack

Shop now | DP-6 Digital Piano by Gear4music Accessory Pack, White


DP-10X Digital Piano by Gear4music

DP-10X Digital Piano by Gear4music   Accessory Pack, Matte Black

The DP-10X is a wood frame digital piano that would make a fantastic addition to any home. You can get the perfect complement to your room with a selection of premium finishes including gloss black, matte black, dark rosewood, and white. Lighter and more compact than an acoustic piano, this instrument brings the convenience of digital with the playing feel of acoustic.

It’s not all about the looks, either. The DP-10X features an 88-key hammer action keyboard, record functions, USB/internal memory, and 24 pro-quality sounds from a multi-timbral stereo sound engine. 64-note polyphony allows every note to layer and ring with clarity, while built-in reverb and chorus effects let you add that final polish to your sound.

The DP-10X also features a complete set of foot pedals (soft, sostenuto, sustain) - normally found on a grand piano – giving you the true grand piano experience in a compact space.

Two 15W speakers turn your home into a concert hall with their refined stereo sound. Alternatively, plug in your headphones and practise in silence.

Shop now | DP-10X Digital Pianos by Gear4music – see all the great value bundles

Shop now | DP-10X Digital Piano by Gear4music, Black

Shop now | DP-10X Digital Piano by Gear4music Accessory Pack, Matte Black


Roland FP 30

Roland FP 30 Digital Piano with Stand, Stool and Headphones, Black

The Roland FP 30 is a fantastic mid-price instrument which doesn’t skimp on features. Despite its super slim and lightweight design, this piano has 88 fully weighted keys with Escapement and Ivory Feel, 5 types of touch sensitivity, and Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine for an immersive playing experience.

The FP-30 also emulates the resonance of strings, dampers, and key off sounds, making your playing sound even more like an acoustic instrument.

Musicians will be able to get hands on with a built-in metronome, MIDI recording, audio playback, and USB/Bluetooth connections.

As a performance and practice tool, the FP 30 ticks all the boxes – it’s a wonderful choice for home use.

Shop now | Roland FP 30 Digital Piano with Stand, Stool and Headphones, Black


Yamaha P125

Yamaha P125 Digital Piano X Frame Package, White

Yamaha P Series pianos offer the feel and sound of an acoustic piano in a compact, portable instrument. The P125 is a mid-price stage piano that takes up minimal room at home yet offers a fantastically nuanced playing feel courtesy of Yamaha’s graded Hammer Standard keyboard.

Players will enjoy an expressive piano sound courtesy of Yamaha’s Pure CF Sound Engine. The onboard 2-way speaker system creates an expansive sound by projection both upwards and downwards, while a special Table EQ makes this piano sound its best when placed on a table.

Musicians will be able to fully engage with their music via onboard backing tracks in multiple genres and a Smart Pianist app. Don’t forget to check the P125 X-Frame package for a great value complete setup for your home.

Shop now | Yamaha P125 Digital Pianos

Shop now | Yamaha P125 Digital Piano X Frame Package, White


Kawai KDP110

Kawai KDP110 Digital Piano Package, Premium Rosewood

Kawai is one of the market leaders in high-end pianos, and the KDP Series is a wonderful introduction to this prestigious brand. For serious players, this is a very worthwhile investment.

Featuring elements of Kawai’s flagship piano technology, the KDP110 delivers premium sound, premium playing feel, and classy aesthetics.

At its heart is the rich and expressive sound of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand Piano – painstakingly sampled and reproduced digitally using Harmonic Imaging Technology for you to enjoy at home. You’ll also have access to 14 other instruments, plus multiple reverb sounds.

The KDP110 lets you experience the feel of an acoustic piano with its Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard featuring graded weighting. You’ll hear the premium piano sounds with Superior Headphone Sound technology and built-in speakers.

Bluetooth and MIDI functionality provide modern connectivity, letting you access lessons, sheet music, and the Virtual Technician to control minute details of the piano’s sound and response.

Shop now | Kawai KDP Series

Shop now | Kawai KDP110 Digital Piano Package Premium Rosewood, also available in Black


DP-90U Upright Digital Piano by Gear4music

DP-90U Upright Digital Piano by Gear4music   Accessory Pack

You’ll have a hard time telling this isn’t a true acoustic piano, it looks that good. That is, until you look closer and realise this piano has a volume control, headphone output, multiple instrument sounds, and other conveniences of digital.

To match its fabulous cabinet design, the DP-90U features premium technology for an immersive playing experience. You’ll find a graded hammer action keyboard, 88-keys with matte finish, three sensors per note, 256-note polyphony, 40 realistic instrument voices, a 4-way speaker system, 3 pedals (like a grand piano), and modern connectivity with USB, headphone out, auxiliary/mic in, and main out stereo jacks.

The DP-90U also has a soft-close lid so you can modify the sound for your room, just like an acoustic piano.

This premium instrument blends the boundary between acoustic and digital pianos, giving you the benefits of both.

Shop now | DP90U Upright Digital Piano by Gear4music Accessory Pack


Bonus Pianos

Looking for a children's piano, a statement piece for your home, or the ultimate top-of-the-line stage piano?

JDP-1 Junior Digital Piano by Gear4music

Young children can get the complete piano experience with the JDP-1 Junior Digital Piano by Gear4music. The compact cabinet is set at a perfect height for younger players, yet this piano has a full size keyboard with 61 touch sensitive keys. It’s the perfect start to piano playing.


GDP-500 Digital Grand Piano by Gear4music

For musicians wanting to make a statement, you’ll want to check out the GDP-500 Digital Grand Piano by Gear4music. This magnificent instrument blends the best of grand piano aesthetics, premium keyboard mechanism and feel, and digital sound technology.


Nord Stage 4 Piano

Looking for a top-of-the-line stage piano? The Nord Piano 4 88-Key Stage Piano should be on your list.

We're including it in our bonus section as this is a significant investment, but if you're a highly discerning player or a busy professional, the Piano 4 is the ultimate choice. You'll get Nord's incredible Virtual Hammer Action Technology for almost unrivalled playing feel. A Triple Sensor Keybed gives you a nuanced response, while Nord's presigious Piano Library gives you the most uncompromising piano samples for a breathtaking sound.

This instrument also includes features for busy pros, including onboard effects, a sample section with an array of classic instruments and synths, and multiple tools for organising your sounds, creating keyboard splits, and more.

Nord also produces the Electro (a versatile keyboard with pianos, organs and synths), the Stage 3 (three sound engines for performing any genre), and the Grand (featuring a Kawai Hammer Action Keyboard with Ivory Touch for the feel of a grand piano in a stage-ready package).

See more | Nord Digital Pianos

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