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Top 10 Analog Synths for Under 500GBP

Top 10 Analog Synths
Top 10 Analog Synths

Top 10 Analog Synths for Under £500

Get hands-on with your music making. Here’s our top 10 analog synths that won't break the bank.

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Analog synths are a dream for hands-on musicians. As the perfect instrument for experimentation, you can tweak to your heart’s content and wait until your next musical inspiration appears.

Whether you’re looking for your first analog synth, or another to add to the collection, we’ve rounded up the top 10 analog synths that won't break the bank - all coming in at under £500.

Bastl Instruments Kastle V1.5

Shop now | Bastl Instruments Kastle V1.5

Here’s a very cool little synth! The Kastle is a mini modular synthesizer that combines a complex oscillator with an LFO and stepped waveform generator. There’re three main synthesis modes – phase modulation, noise mode, and track & hold modulation - perfect for making those lo-fi sounds. You can also patch connection in this synth to make things go even weirder.

Shop now | Bastl Instruments Kastle V1.5

Korg Volca Nubass Vacuum Tube

Shop now | Korg Volca Nubass Vacuum Tube

You’ve probably heard of the Korg Volca series if you’re into synths – they’re super compact, portable devices that can join together to create a complete performance setup. Simply get the Korg Volca Mix to connect three together at once. We could have chosen any of the Volca synths to feature in this top-10, but here’s one of the latest Volca additions.

The Nubass is compact, but its sound is definitely not. This bass synthesizer has a real vacuum tube oscillator (with a miniature Korg NuTube), featuring two waveforms to get that iconic analog warmth and power - get ready for bass lines with real muscle!

 There’s also a drive effect onboard to get more saturation and LFO for dynamic movement. You’ve got yourself a fully-fledged bass synth in a tiny form right here.

Shop now | Korg Volca Nubass Vacuum Tube Synthesizer

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IK Multimedia UNO

Shop now | IK Multimedia UNO Synth

It may look digital, but it’s all analog sound here. This ultra-portable synth offers everything from deep, punchy basslines to soaring leads, evolving drones, sweeps, and FX sounds.

With a digital brain, the UNO Synth is ready to integrate perfectly with your DAW – or use it standalone for music manipulation straight out the box. You’ll also find 100 ready-made presets, making this an ideal starting point for beginners. The UNO’s keyboard can be played chromatically or programmed to follow a scale, and it gives additional capability as a step-editor for the 100-step sequencer.

With battery-power and USB-power options, this portable synth can be integrated into your studio or played wherever you go.  

Shop now | IK Multimedia UNO Synth

Behringer Crave Synthesizer

Shop now | Behringer Crave Synthesizer

Behringer synths are taking the synthesizer world by storm. There are a huge range of Behringer synths for under £500, taking inspiration from classic circuits for iconic sounds. Being produced in the gargantuan Music Tribe City factory, these synths offer unbelievable value for money.

For our top-10, the Behringer Crave is the perfect introduction to the world of semi-modular synthesis. The Crave has internal connections for each module, just like a standard analog synth, so you'll be able make sounds straight out the box. With the additional patch bay though, you can bypass the internal circuitry and explore sound design by manually changing the connnection path with patch cables.

The Crave offers incredible depth during the sound crafting process. Its powerful oscillator delivers huge sound, whilst the ladder filter helps polish off your sounds. This one’s sure to be an essential asset to your synth collection, beginner or professional.

Shop now | Behringer Crave

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Reon Driftbox S Rev2

Shop now | Reon Driftbox S Rev2 Analog Synthesizer

A compact semi-modular synth. Handcrafted in Japan and featuring boutique-style design, powerful VCOs, and an onboard joystick controller, the Driftbox S Rev2 is sure to create some interesting textured sounds.

With the Rev 2’s joystick, you’ll be able to control cross modulations. This offers the potential for powerful and complex sounds by letting you modulate on the fly – great fun! One minute you’re making a normal sound, the next you’ve just completely transformed it.

Shop now | Reon Driftbox S Rev2 Analog Synthesizer

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Modal Electronics SKULPT

Shop now | Modal Electronics SKULPT Synthesiser

From a UK manufacturer of high-end synths, here’s a compact sub-£300 instrument with a 9/10 review by Music Tech magazine! “Very intuitive… fantastically flexible… a heavy-sounding, light synth with a brilliant design and inspiration by the bucketload.”

The Modal Electronics SKULPT is a compact analog synth providing a hands-on approach to sound design. With 32 oscillators in total, 8 oscillators per voice, and two selectable morphable waveforms, you’ll be able to create sounds in an instant with the intuitive design and 16-key touch MIDI keyboard.

You’ll also find a built-in sequencer and arpeggiator, as well as an 8-slot modulation matrix with 37 destinations in total. Create everything from classic bassline sounds to cutting-edge pads and leads..

Shop now | Modal Electronics SKULPT Synthesizer

Moog MINITAUR Analog Bass

Shop now | Moog MINITAUR Analog Bass Synthesizer

The Greek mythological Minotaur makes us think of one word – TOUGH! Rest-assured, the Korg Minitaur takes full inspiration from its namesake.

The bass sounds that can be created from the MINITAUR are nothing but girthy, chunky, and fat. Play one note in a club and it’s sure to shake the walls. This synth features a classic one-knob-per-function layout, so it’s super easy to use, but there’s also enough controls for a large amount of sound design.

Shop now | Moog MINITAUR Analog Bass Symthesizer

Novation Bass Station II

Shop now | Novation Bass Station II Analog Synthesizer

A chunky mono synth. This one screams beastly bass and for good reason too. It’s a classic that’s been reworked for the 21st Century, building on the success of the original Bass Station. With two filters, two oscillators, and a third sub-oscillator, the Novation Bass Station is made to shake dancefloors with its sound.

There’s also a new firmware update which introduces AFX mode. This was developed alongside legendary electronic producer Aphex Twin! It allows you to make subtle changes to sounds as you play or divide the keyboard into multiple zones for live performances.

Shop now | Novation Bass Station II Analog Synthesizer

Korg MS-20 Mini

Shop now | Korg MS-20 Mini Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

One thing we love about the monophonic MS-20 Mini is its flexible patching system that opens up a world of synthesis options. This synth is a miniature version of the original Korg MS-20, used by the likes of The Prodigy, Daft Punk, and more.

The MS-20 Mini lets you delve deep into sound design, and you can also download a patchbook from Korg that shows you how to create synth sounds. The MS-20 has self-oscillating filters providing resonance on both the low- and high-pass for changing your sound.

MIDI and USB give some modern digital convenience for integrating with your studio setup.

Shop now | Korg MS-20 Mini Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

Roland SE-02 Analgue Synth (with Roland K-25m Keyboard)

Shop now | Roland SE-02 Analogue Synthesizer With Roland K-25m Keyboard

This all-in-one bundle combines the SE-02 analog synth with a compact 25-key keyboard for hands-on music making. The SE-02 was developed in collaboration with Studio Electronics, giving you a completely analog synth engine featuring three voltage-controlled oscillators, low-pass filter, and dual gain-stage amplifier.

384 professionally programmed presets are included, ranging from fat basses to soaring leads and everything in between. These presets are perfect for newcomers, or for experienced users looking for some instant inspiration.

Shop now | Roland SE-02 Analogue Synthesizer With Roland K-25m Keyboard

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