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The New Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Kit in the V-Drums V-Compact Series

Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Kit
Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Kit

Roland has just announced the brand-new TD-17 V-drums electronic drum kit with newly-developed snare, kick and hi-hat pads for improved response, alongside a collection of sounds developed from the flagship TD-50 V-Drums module.

The new TD-17 takes the mid-range V-Drums V-Compact Series to the next level and is perfect for players who are "serious about drumming". With new drum pads, premium tones, deep sample editing, audio streaming via Bluetooth, USB connectivity for easy recording with a PC/Mac, and a Coach function to improve your skills; the TD-17 is a fully-fledged performance and practice solution - perfect for modern musicians.

Expanding the TD-11

The TD-17 takes the popular TD-11 V-Drums as its foundation and expands on every area to give players a fully immersive experience, whether they are playing on stage, recording in the studio, or practicing at home.  Roland has developed three areas in this new kit including the pads, the sound module, and the range of connectivity options.

New Drum Pads

Roland V-Drums TD-17 Electronic Drum Kit

The TD-17 features newly-developed kick, snare and hi-hat pads with a larger size and accurate layout to give players a natural feel. The pads use the latest cutting-edge sensor technology to capture every nuance of your playing with zero noticeable latency.

Sounds from the TD-50 Module

Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Kit Sound Module

The TD-17's sound module has been developed from the sound-engine of the flagship TD-50 module. The module uses Roland's PRISMATIC technology with an incredible level of detail to let you (in Roland's words), "play with complex and organic dynamics." The module also features 50 presets to cover any genre of music, along with the ability to edit sounds at a deeper level than ever before at this level and import your own samples for a custom user experience. This allows you to load in your own samples and create your own bespoke kits.

TD-17 Module Connections

The TD-17 sound module features an assortment of connections, letting you stream music from your Bluetooth device directly to the TD-17 and then stream the audio to your headphones while you're drumming. The TD-17 also allows you to record your playing with the clever Coach function; this lets you directly monitor your improvement and is a fantastic tool for practice. The module features a USB output to enable a direct connection to a Mac/PC for easy digital audio recording.

With its responsive playing-feel, high-quality sounds, and wide range of connectivity options, the TD-17 is the perfect kit for students and experienced players alike.  

Three Configurations

The TD-17 drum kit is available in three configurations with every kit featuring a mesh snare, a new KD-10 kick-drum pad and a TD-17 sound module ensuring that, no matter what your budget, you'll have access to a highly responsive instrument with the very-latest technology.

Roland TD-17KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-17 KVX V-Drums

This kit features a full complement of four mesh drum pads including the new PDX-12 12'' snare drum pad.  The new VH-10 hi-hat pad is also included with a stand for a realistic playing-feel. Three cymbal pads are included; 2x 12'' crash pads and a 13'' ride pad.

Roland TD-17KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Roland V-Drums TD-17 KV

This kit also features four mesh drum pads for a realistic playing-action right across the kit. Two 12'' crash cymbal pads are included alongside the CY-5 hi-hat pad and remote pedal controller.

Roland TD-17K-L V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-17 KL V-Drums

This kit is the more affordable instrument in the new TD-17 line, yet still provides a PDX-8 mesh snare pad, KD-10 kick drum pad, and two CY-8 8'' crash cymbal pads. The TD-17L's sound module is more streamlined than with the two kits above, but it still gives players access to a wide range of connectivity options and the premium sounds developed from the TD-50 drum module.

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 8 May 2018 18:03 to category : Instruments News

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