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The New Roland LX700 Series - Digital Pianos with the Latest Modelling Technology

Roland LX700 Series Digital Piano
Roland LX700 Series Digital Piano

The New Roland LX700 Series - Digital Pianos with the Latest Modelling Technology

Roland has taken a new turn with its latest digital piano range. The Roland LX700 series uses hyper-realistic PureAcoustic modelling for the most immersive playing experience imaginable.

Roland LX 700 Series Digital Pianos

Roland's latest venture in digital piano technology has resulted in one of its most immersive playing experiences yet. The LX700 series is designed to not only recreate the playing feel of an expressive grand piano, but the very experience of playing it in a world-class venue.  As Roland says, "Play in a concert hall, while sat at home".

The LX700 series uses Roland's most cutting-edge technology to combine the feel of grand piano, the elegant aesthetics of an upright cabinet, the immersive sound of a concert hall (and other premium venues), and the power of the latest digital modelling technology for the most realistic sounds imaginable.

Featuring two different grand piano models to play with (European and American), the newest PureAcoustic digital modelling technology, an incredibly responsive Hybrid Grand Keyboard (706, 708 models), powerful multi-speaker sound, and Bluetooth technology; every LX700 series piano is designed as the ultimate digital piano for your home, studio, or stage.  

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Roland LX 700 Series Digital Pianos

Find the perfect LX700 series piano for you.

Roland LX708 Digital Piano, Charcoal Black

Roland LX708 Digital Piano

4-way/8-speaker system.

"The luxury eight-speaker piano with grand tone and auditorium ambience".

Roland LX706 Digital Piano, Charcoal Black

Roland LX706 Digital Piano

3-way/6-speaker system.

"The high-end home piano with six-speaker system, grand tone and ambience effects".

Roland LX705 Digital Piano, Charcoal Black

Roland LX705 Digital Piano

4-speaker system.

"Superior piano tone with four-speaker system in the LX700 series’ most affordable model".

Digital Modelling Technology

The Roland LX700 series uses brand-new PureAcoustic Piano Modeling technology to create digital versions of world-class grand pianos. Rather than traditional sampling technology - where individual piano notes are recorded separately - digital modelling creates a digital version of an actual instrument.

Roland LX Series

This digital model can accurately convey all the nuances of a piano's tone: the way the hammer strikes the string, the way the string resonates inside the cabinet, the variation in register, the damper pedal interaction, the complex interactions of note polyphony; it's all captured with PureAcoustic Piano Modeling.

As Roland says, " It’s so accurate that your expression and touch is captured as you perform, and reflected onto the tone, resulting in a beautifully rich sound that compels you to play."

Two Piano Voices

Roland LX Series

The LX700 series features two piano voices, giving you the best tones from both sides of the Atlantic. The European grand piano model delivers a rich, deep tonal character, while the American model emphasises clarity and brightness. Each model goes beyond typical digital recreations and provides two distinct but complementary voices to match your style.

Immersive Playing Feel

The Hybrid Grand Keyboard of the LX708 and LX706 is built to translate every aspect of a professional's technique. Slightly-longer-than-standard (digital piano) keys give you increased contact area, while a retracted pivot point (by 2cm) ensures fatigue-free playing.

Roland LX708 Digital Piano, Charcoal Black

A stabilising pin is included to ensure smooth and precise vertical travel, avoiding any sideways movement usually associated with glissandos. A durable inner frame with wooden sides ensures years of reliable playing, while the ivory/ebony feel surfaces provide texture and moisture-absorbing properties for a stable grip on each key.

To further enhance the immersive playing feel, the LX708 reproduces the way an acoustic piano transmits physical vibrations through the keyboard. This feature is fully-adjustable, and even noticeable when wearing headphones.

Multiple Room Sounds - PureAcoustic Ambience

Roland LX708 Digital Piano, Charcoal Black

The digital modelling technology of the LX700 series lends itself particularly well to creating ambience. Roland has meticulously recreated the ambience of a studio, lounge, concert hall, wooden hall, stone hall, and a cathedral; close your eyes and transport yourself to a inspirational acoustic space.  

Roland's Headphone Acoustic Projection technology ensures that you'll enjoy the same immersion even when you're practising silently with headphones.  

Beautiful Design - Tonal Focus

The elegant design of the LX700 series will make the perfect addition to your home. A simple control layout reflects the clean aesthetic of the cabinet with a range of stunning finishes available. Roland has designed these pianos to offer a familiar style of a traditional piano but with subtle twists, including gentle rounding on straight edges. This instrument makes a strong impression but doesn't shout about it.

Roland LX705 Digital Pianos

A unique C-shaped aperture on the front panel enhances the natural projection of the instrument, while a latched top-lid gives the same projection you might experience from an acoustic upright piano. Each model features a powerful speaker system, projecting your tone with authority and realism.

Modern Connectivity

Piano practice is a pleasure when you use the LX700 series’ integrated Bluetooth MIDI functionality. You can wirelessly connect to educational apps like Roland’s Piano Every Day, accessing digital sheet music, song libraries, and more.

The LX700 series also features a built-in learning toolbox, with songs for band/orchestra, Twin Piano mode for learner and teacher to sit side-by-side, and a metronome.

Additional Bluetooth capabilities allows you to sit back and enjoy your favourite music, played though the multiple speaker setup - perfect for practice and inspiration.

Much More

The LX700 series is Roland's latest advancement in digital piano technology. To find out more about the range and each individual model, view the Roland LX700 series at Gear4music.

Roland LX Series

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 11 Oct 2018 15:56 to category : Instruments News

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Roland has taken a new turn with its latest digital piano range. The LX700 series uses hyper-realistic PureAcoustic modelling for the most immersive playing experience imaginable.

11 Oct 2018 15:56