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The New Roland Fantom is Here

Roland Fantom Synthesizer Workstation
Roland Fantom Synthesizer Workstation
Roland Fantom Synthesizer Workstation

Roland's next-generation workstation gets a complete overhaul for 2019. The new flagship Fantom has been developed from the ground up for pro keyboard players.

For over a decade, the Roland Fantom has led the way as the ultimate performance and composition keyboard. Roland has updated this premium family for 2019 with a brand-new Fantom which offers even more functionality for professional players. Introducing the next generation of premium sounds, intuitive user experience, and expansive connectivity.

Seamless Usability

The new Fantom has been designed from the ground up to accommodate every need of modern players. Key to this development is enhanced usability and a seamless user experience.

The Fantom combines Roland’s latest synthesizer technologies with a superb colour touchscreen interface and deep computer integration. Creative musicians will greatly appreciate the hands-on approach allowed by a plethora of onboard controls – no deep diving into menus required – while composers and producers will find endless opportunity to explore their sound with powerful computer integration.

Hands-on Creativity

Roland Fantom Synthesizer Workstation

The new Fantom includes a brand-new ‘modeless’ interface. This means that the Fantom operates in an ‘always on’ creative mode, letting you access every feature without worrying about what features work in which mode.

New Scenes allow you to fully customize and reconfigure settings, making them ready for instant recall at the push of a button.

Pro Sounds

Roland Fantom Synthesizer Workstation

The previous generations of Fantom are renowned for their plethora of sounds, and the new-for-2019 models are no different. Based on decades of Roland’s research and development, the new Fantom includes an endless range of electronic, acoustic, and hybrid sounds. Users can combine different synthesis technologies alongside the onboard analog filter. There’s also a huge range of special effects to alter individual sounds and process your entire mix.

Power Like No Other

Roland Fantom Synthesizer Workstation

The goal of Fantom’s DSP engine is to make you forget it’s even there. With unbridled processing power, you’ll be able to run all 16 parts, with all available effects, at the same time. Packaged in a tour-grade chassis, the new Fantom is ready for the road.

Pro Playability

The new Fantom features superior playability with Roland’s best keyboard. The 88-key Fantom 8 is graced with the PHA-50, while the 76-key Fantom 7 and 61-key Fantom 6 feature a brand-new semi-weighted keyboard.

Deep Dive Connectivity

Roland Fantom Synthesizer Workstation

The new Fantom works equally well as a standalone instrument as it does a hub for your creative setup. Connect the Fantom to your computer, analog synths, and other gear, and you’ll be welcomed with seamless performance. DAW and performance software can be operated directly from the touchscreen and control panels, while Roland’s Cloud virtual instruments can be controlled and combined with Fantom’s internal sounds.

CV/Gate outputs even allow you to control modular and analog synths – the possibilities are near-endless!

Find Out More

The new Roland Fantom is here to redefine what you think a workstation keyboard is capable of. Find out more about the Fantom family here.

Roland Fantom 6 61 Key Synthesizer Workstation
Roland Fantom 7 76 Key Synthesizer Workstation
Roland Fantom 8 88-Key Synthesizer Workstation

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 5 Sep 2019 08:40 to category : Instruments News

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