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The MOOG One is the First MOOG Polysynth in Over 30 Years

The MOOG One is the First MOOG Polysynth in Over 30 Years polyphonic synthesizer
The MOOG One is the First MOOG Polysynth in Over 30 Years

The Upcoming MOOG One will be the first polyphonic synthesizer to be released by MOOG in over 3 decades!

It has been revealed that MOOG's code-named synthesizer, the LAS ("Long Awaited Synthesizer") is due for imminent release - the MOOG One polysynth is coming very soon!

MOOG One Polyphonic Polysynth Synthesizer

In an article published today, SOS Magazine has revealed details of the first MOOG polysynth since 1982…

"12 Days Until Launch"

"At the time of writing, there are 12 days until the official launch, and the factory is a non-stop hive of activity. The testers are finding the remaining bugs, the firmware engineers are generating new OS versions on timescales of hours rather than days, and the sound designers are beavering away to create new patches that (to my ears) range from the pointless to the sublime." - ­SOS Magazine

Watch This Space

While we have no official launch information for the MOOG One Synthesizer, watch this space, and find out more below!

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MOOG One Polyphonic Polysynth Synthesizer

All Analog Signal Path

MOOG One Polyphonic Polysynth Synthesizer

SOS has revealed that the MOOG One uses an all-analog signal path with " three newly designed oscillators per voice, an innovative noise generator, a flexible filter topology with a combination of multimode and Moog transistor ladder filters, and VCAs that you can overdrive to obtain the expect range of heavyweight sounds."

The MOOG One will be a hybrid synth, with a digital brain to control large parts of the signal path. Digital circuits are used to control LFOs, contour generators, and an effects section, plus two master effects. SOS has revealed that MOOG collaborated with Eventide to create some of these effect algorithms, so we can expect to hear some fantastic sounds.

Three-Part, Multi-Timbral

MOOG One Polyphonic Polysynth Synthesizer

The Moog ONE will be available with eight or sixteen voices and is described as having “the most advanced architecture ever conceived for a Moog synthesizer”.

The MOOG One will include three VCOs. Each voice will include two independent analog filters (variable state and MOOG Ladder) and three envelope generators.

The three-part, multi-timbral design means the MOOG One can perform up to three individual synthesizers simultaneously - split, layered, or in different keyboard zones.

Each synth can have its own sound parameters including arpeggiator, note range, and sequencing. The One also features space for presets so you'll be able to instantly access all your favourite sounds.

The Development Process

MOOG One Polyphonic Polysynth Synthesizer

The writer, Gordon Reid, recalls a meeting in 2014 with Trent Thompson (Product Marketing Manager at Moog Music) where the concept of a new synthesizer was discussed. As it turns out, this same conversation was happening between many other individuals at the time, following MOOG's decision in principle to produce a polysynth for the 21st century.

 During the next two years, MOOG collected and collated research with key musicians and friends of the company to see what direction this new product should take.

Amos Gaynes (product design engineer) remarks that, while Bob Moog was alive, the idea of a polyphonic synth was cautioned against. However, with the advent of MOOG's stable analog technology and the success of products like the Minitaur and the Sub Phatty, the idea didn't seem so farfetched.

MOOG One Polyphonic Polysynth Synthesizer

Gaynes went on to mention how every aspect of the instrument was thoroughly considered, not just from a user-experience point-of-view, but also from an engineering angle. The project leaders wanted to take this new instrument beyond what could have simply been an 'enhanced Memorymoog' - they wanted something brand-new. The first PCBs were developed in early 2016, with a prototype to follow in mid-2016.

By 2017, Reid was invited to Moogfest to see a working prototype. This device was still in its infancy, crafted from exposed circuit boards and using a laptop for the control software. Over 24 hours, the prototype was worked on until the synth began to function.

From Moogfest 2017 to August 2018, the project went from this initial prototype to a first production run, with a huge amount of development in-between. Now, only four days away from launch, the MOOG One looks set to be one of the landmark synthesizers for 2018 and, quite possibly, the decade.

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 4 Oct 2018 15:11 to category : Instruments News

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