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The HeadRush Looperboard is the New King of Looper Pedals

HeadRush Looperboard Looper Pedal
HeadRush Looperboard Looper Pedal

The new HeadRush Looperboard offers both looping and creative tools, making it more akin to a complete production device in a box. Welcome to the future of looping performance.

HeadRush Looper Board Looper Pedal

HeadRush has released a new class-leading looper pedal in the form of the HeadRush Looperboard. Building on a similar pedal format to the HeadRush Pedalboard, the Looperboard takes looping performance to the next level.

With a powerful quad-core DSP and stunning 7-inch touchscreen, the Looperboard is built for no-compromise performance. Premium circuitry guarantees premium audio fidelity, while creative tools and multiple connectivity options makes it extremely versatile for live and studio performance.

Traditional Looping Performance

Taking care of the traditional looping functions, the Looperboard offers 4 stereo tracks of 24-bit / 96kHz audio. If the eight hours of internal recording memory isn’t enough, the Looperboard’s memory can be expanded with external SD card and USB.

One key concern of performers is the pin-point timing required to create accurate loops. The Looperboard helps out here with its real-time Quantize and Click Track functions, making looping anxiety a thing of the past. 

Looping Performance on Another Level

HeadRush Looper Board Looper Pedal

The Looperboard features additional creative tools, taking it far beyond traditional looper pedals. Powerful tools include tap-tempo and intelligent time-stretch; letting users sync perfectly with band members and adjust their tempo mid-performance with no glitches or alterations of pitch.

The Looperboard’s stunning 7-inch touchscreen and 12 footswitches mean users can instantly access functions for record, overdub, play, undo/redo, reverse, transpose, bounce, and peeling off individual layers, as well as adjusting playback speed by divisions or multiplications of time.

Effects and Connectivity

HeadRush Looper Board Looper Pedal

HeadRush is well known for its effects, and the Looperboard doesn’t disappoint. The Looperboard includes virtual effect racks made up of individual effects. Each rack features presets, perfectly tailored for different instruments/vocal parts.

Once you’re ready to get connected, the Looperboard includes multiple connectivity options for stage and studio, giving you flexibility over the routing of audio to different outputs. The Looperboard features auxiliary connections, MIDI connectivity, USB recording, and phantom power for microphones.

Make no mistake, the Looperboard’s full range of connectivity makes it the ultimate tool for performance, whether you use it standalone with your instrument or as part of a larger setup.

The HeadRush Looperboard

If you’re looking to take your looping performance to another level, the HeadRush Looperboard offers an unparalleled degree of control and functionality. Putting Headrush’s premium technology to its best use, this pedal marks the way forward for looping performers.

HeadRush Looper Board Looper Pedal

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HeadRush Looper Board Looper Pedal

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 18 Apr 2019 15:00 to category : Instruments News

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