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The Best Drum Gear in the World Right Now!

Best Drums of 2018 | Music Radar Rhythm Magazine
Best Drums of 2018 | Music Radar Rhythm Magazine

The Best Drum Gear in the World Right Now!

Read our round-up of Rhythm Magazine's 2018 polls to find the best drum gear in the world right now.

Music Radar Rhythm Magazine Best Drums 2018

Every year, Rhythm Magazine and Music Radar embark on a quest to find the very best gear of the year. The 2018 Best in Drums poll saw an astonishing 100,000 votes cast, and the resulting nominations represent some of the best percussion equipment in the world right now.

In this article, we'll run through the winning product from each category, giving you a selection of the very finest gear available to buy now. If you're looking to expand your collection, this definitive list of equipment is the perfect place to start your search!

The Best New Drum Kit in the World Right Now

This 2018 category for Best New Drum Kit featured a raft of premium offerings, but this year's winner was found at the more affordable end of the price spectrum.

The winner of the 2018 Best in Drums poll for Best New Drum Kit is the Tama Superstar Classic Maple. Rhythm Magazine approved of its "value for money, offering punchy tones to the drummer on a budget."

Best Drum Kit | Tama Superstar Classic Maple
Best Drum Kit | Tama Superstar Classic Maple

The tom toms provide decent sustain and a well-matched sound when played in combination, making the kit ideal for gospel, funk, and r'n'b styles. Rhythm Magazine also approved of the kit's included snare drum, which they found to be "responsive and musical with a warmth that shines through at medium to high tunings."

With its great sound, playability, and aesthetics, the Tama Superstar Classic Maple offers a lot for the money and clearly showed its huge popularity by claiming the title of Best New Drum Kit 2018.

"Its versatility and musicality makes it an ideal choice for the beginner to intermediate player looking for their first ‘proper kit’. It also makes a decent lightweight gigging kit which could also be suitable for more experienced players." Music Radar.

The Best New Cymbals in the World Right Now

The best cymbals to buy now are the Zildjian K Sweet Collection, according to Rhythm Magazine's 2018 poll. Sitting in the gap between the classic K series and the modern A series, the K Sweet Collection offers versatility in abundance.

"Not only are the cymbals deeply musical and complex in tone - making them very applicable to jazz or acoustic styles of music – but they also have enough brightness and presence to work well for rock, country, funk, you name it. They just sit in the mix perfectly, regardless of style." Music Radar

Best Cymbals | Zildjian K Sweet Collection
Best Cymbals | Zildjian K Sweet Collection

Zildjian's K Sweet Collection feature a traditional finish which gives a darker, warmer sound. The complex and deep lathing pattern, combined with extensive hammering, helps to shape the sound of each cymbal. The hi-hats and crashes have an un-lathed top and bottom which add complexity to the sound, as well as a "cool, earthy appearance".  The ride cymbals are lathed for a uniform finish and brighter bell projection. A slightly thinner construction makes the K Sweet Collection feel softer under the sticks, along with giving them a darker sound.  

If you're seeking the best cymbals of 2018, the Zildjian K Sweet Series comes highly recommended "They are highly musical, dynamic and, above all, versatile instruments. Prepare to be converted."

The Best New Electronic Percussion in the World Right Now

The best new electronic drum kit is the Roland TD-17KVX, according to the readers of Rhythm Magazine in their 2018 poll. This drum kit was "virtually impossible to fault" by Rhythm Magazine, who found it to provide a new benchmark for players looking to join the V-Drums family.

With its 'midrange' price point, the TD-17 series is designed to offer a premium feel for improving players who want the reassurance that they won't outgrow their kit anytime soon.

Best Electronic Drum Kit | Roland TD-17KVX
Best Electronic Drum Kit | Roland TD-17KVX

Much of the TD-17's technology is filtered down from the premium kits in the V-Drum family, including the same sounds from the flagship TD-50 sound module and the ability to load your own samples.

With an assortment of configurations featuring a combination of mesh and rubber pads, the TD-17 range is the ideal V-Drum set for progressing players.

"The big message with the TD-17 is that electronic drums shouldn't feel like a compromise to those who are learning and improving on an electronic kit".

The Best New Drum Hardware in the World Right Now

The best drum hardware you can buy now is the Yamaha Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Series, according to Rhythm Magazine's 2018 poll of over 100,000 votes. Rhythm Magazine's readers clearly loved the revolutionary, lightweight design of this new Yamaha hardware, which offers gigging players some much-needed relief from back-breaking load-ins.

Weighing in at just 7.8 KG for the complete pack, the Crosstown hardware makes no sacrifices in strength or durability, giving working players the perfect solution for easy set ups and tear-downs.

Best Drum Hardware | Yamaha Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Series
Best Drum Hardware | Yamaha Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Series

The Yamaha Crosstown lightweight hardware set comes complete with two CS3 cymbal stands, a HHS3 hi-hat stand, and SS3 snare stand. Each stand is constructed with durable, featherweight aluminium, including channel-track aluminium bracing at the legs for added stability.

Weighing 25-34% less than standard hardware packs, the award-winning Yamaha Crosstown Advanced Lightweight hardware is ideal for busy gigging players.

The Best Drum Heads in the World Right Now

The best new drum heads you can buy right now are the Evans UV1 Bass Drum heads, according to Rhythm Magazine's 2018 reader's poll. With their special UV-cured coating, Rhythm Magazine found that the UV1 heads are "indeed bright, super-consistent and hard wearing."

Best Drum Head | Evans UV1
Best Drum Head | Evans UV1

If you're tired of flaking, chipped, and worn-out drum head coatings, the UV1 series is for you. Evans' Level 360 Technology contributes to the UV1 being one of the most versatile and durable drumheads available. The UV1 Bass Drum Head took the prize for Best Drum Head in 2018, backed by the reader's poll of over 100,000 votes.


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