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The BOSS Katana MkII is Here - The Award-Winning Katana is Now Even Better

BOSS Katana MkII
BOSS Katana MkII


BOSS has updated the incredibly popular Katana family with its MkII iteration. These affordable practice and gigging amps now feature new amp sounds, new effects, and much more…

By Matt Wilkinson | Published 03.10.19

BOSS Katana Guitar Amplifiers

The BOSS Katana has become an icon. It’s one of the ultimate affordable-yet-incredible amps for practising and performing guitarists. We were bowled over at the sheer tone and versatility these solid-state amps provided on first release, and BOSS has not been one to rest on its laurels. New for Autumn 2019 is the MkII version of these award-winning amps.

Katana MkII

BOSS has upgraded its most popular Katana amps for 2019 – the Katana 50 MkII, Katana 100 MkII, the Katana 100/212 MkII, and the Katana Head MkII. Each updated amp features the same core sound and feel as its predecessor, with every upgrade simply being an addition to this solid foundation. As BOSS says, ‘we wanted to keep the award-winning formula and add in more customer feature requests.’

Each new Katana features a similar weight and cab design to the MkI versions. The upgrades come in the form of five new amp sounds, dual effects pots, upgraded and expanded effects, a power amp-in, and a new software editor.

The 100W models also feature a new Stereo Expand feature, letting you run KTN 100’s simultaneously for true stereo sound. We envisage this being a very popular feature for gigging players who want the expansive sound of a stereo rig. The 100W models also feature an on-board Cab Resonance control, taken directly from the Katana Artist.  

Variation Switch

Boss Katana 100 MKII 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp

The BOSS Katana MkII features a new Variation switch which adds five new amp characters to the already-versatile selection from the MkI. You’ll have access to Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown, and Acoustic modes – enough for almost any musical scenario. The Variation switch doubles these options for even more choice.

Upgraded Effects

The Katana MkII features upgraded effects (Flanger 117E, Phaser 95E, Spring Reverb, and more) plus a new stereo/pan delay and heavy poly octave effect. A new pedal FX selection allows users to operate foot volume, wah, and smooth pedal bends.

Power Amp In

While the MkI Katana had a stereo effects return, the MkII Katana’s feature a Power Amp In feature. This input provides true functionality for external devices such as the BOSS GT-1000 modelling pedalboard.

BOSS Katana MkII Guitar Amplifiers

Cabinet Resonance

The 100W Katana MkII amps feature the Resonance control, taken from the Katana Artist. This mode lets you fine-tune the tone and feel of the amp, with three Cabinet Resonance types per Tone Setting.

Stereo Expand

The two 100W Katana MkII models feature a brand-new Stereo Expand mode. This exciting feature allows you to run two Katana amplifiers at the same time.

Linking one Katana to another with Stereo Expand engaged allows an optimised signal to flow from amp A to amp B - allowing some effects to run in a stereo fashion, including the new PAN or STEREO Delay. You simply link one Katana to another via a standard Mono Jack cable and use the switch on the back for both units.

One Katana becomes the main amp, while the other amp's controls are disabled. You still maintain control over both Master volume and Power Control for both amps, but running them this way means that a single GA-FC can control the main Katana amp, allowing the sound to freely work on two Katanas.

Setting up a stereo guitar rig would normally be quite a challenge, what with grounding issues and other obstacles to overcome. The Katana 100W MkII amps promise to remove all this difficulty. With the renowned affordability of the Katana series, the Stereo Expand feature should prove to be a very accessible way of getting a true stereo rig.

Boss Katana 50 MKII 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

The Same Great Katana Features You Know and Love

BOSS was very clear that its MkII Katana upgrades are simply adding to an already-proven amp formula. As such, you’ll still find the same great custom 12-inch speakers, five independent effects sections, superb software editor (updated), dedicated amp controls, and USB connectivity for recording in stereo.

The Katana MkI family is the ultimate range for practising and gigging players; the MkII updates make these amps even more versatile.

As BOSS says, “We’ve made the best, even better.”

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Posted on 3 Oct 2019 08:00 to category : Instruments News

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