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The BOSS EURUS GS-1 is BOSS’ First Guitar

BOSS Euros GS-1 Guitar
BOSS Euros GS-1 Guitar

The BOSS EURUS GS-1 is BOSS' First Guitar

Premium guitar. Built-in synth capabilities. BOSS announces an exciting new venture with its first-ever solo guitar project.

BOSS EURUS GS-1 Electronic Guitar
By | Published 15.07.21

BOSS is no stranger to synth guitar technology. We’ve seen a Strandberg/BOSS collaboration with the V-BDN synth guitar, and of course the prolific range of BOSS SY synth pedals. The new EURUS GS-1, however, is BOSS’ first solo venture into guitar synth technology.

Offering a premium guitar design alongside cutting-edge synth technology, the BOSS EURUS GS-1 promises exciting new possibilities for players who want to push the boundaries of creativity.

Watch an introduction below from Yoshi Ikegami. Make sure to enable subtitles for English closed captions.

Guitar synth

The core concept of the EURUS GS-1 is the symbiosis of guitar and synth technology.

Alongside a familiar yet modern guitar playing experience, you’ll find the seamless integration of BOSS synth guitar sounds.

There are dual 1/4-inch outputs to route independent sounds, and the simple switching makes accessing sounds completely intuitive.

BOSS EURUS GS-1 Electronic Guitar

Synth made effortless

Swap between synthesizer and regular guitar sounds at the flick of a switch. Six onboard memories let you store preset synths to access in an instant. When you need more, onboard Bluetooth gives access to deep editing via iOS and Android devices.

That same Bluetooth connection lets you connect the brand-new EV-1-WL Wireless Expression Pedal. Perfect for adding more expressive control. The synth engine runs on four AA batteries or optional PSA-series adapter.

BOSS EURUS GS-1 Electronic Guitar

Premium guitar

As BOSS’ first solo guitar venture, the EURUS GS-1 is a knockout. Reading through the spec sheet, you’ll see all the hallmarks of a thoroughly contemporary instrument.

The GS-1 features 24 frets, compound radius rosewood fingerboard, and a sleek asymmetrical body with contours in all the right places.

As for hardware, there’s two custom-designed BOSS humbuckers with five-way switch, Gotoh locking tuners, and a Gotoh two-point tremolo.

Made in Japan, this guitar should be a real investment for those who value quality craftmanship as much as cutting-edge technology.

BOSS EURUS GS-1 Electronic Guitar

Find out more

The BOSS EURUS GS-1 is available to order now. The expected arrival date is October 2021.

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Posted on 26 Jul 2021 16:58 to category : Instruments News

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Premium guitar. Built-in synth capabilities. BOSS announces an exciting new venture with its first-ever solo guitar project.

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