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Take your sound on the road with JBL PA Systems

Take your sound on the road with JBL PA Systems
Take your sound on the road with JBL PA Systems

Take your sound on the road with JBL PA Systems

Whatever the occasion, JBL has a portable PA system for you…

Take your sound on the road with JBL PA Systems
By | Published 18.10.21

From ultra-compact battery powered units, to premium column units with maximum power - there’s something for everyone with JBL’s range of portable PA systems. Why? Because JBL have designed their PAs from the ground up, with a range of uses in mind…

Whether you’re looking to fill a room with your music, lead fitness classes with a difference, or deliver an important speech - this guide will help you find the right unit for any occasion.


For the EON ONE MK2, JBL took the quality of their flagship range of PAs and packed it into a portable package. Its streamlined design gives you everything you need to bring amplification to any situation.

Take it anywhere with its built-in handle. This will minimise trips to the van; you can carry two at a time or grab other equipment.

Any use, anywhere. Not just great for performers, but for fitness instructors and corporate speakers too. The Soundcraft Easy Ducking function means that you can play music and have its volume drop automatically when you are speaking, ideal for making announcements during live music.


Set it up how you want, with intuitive stacking that fits inside the sub for a compact carry when you’re on the move. What’s more – the MK2 is battery powered, allowing even more portability and freedom for your sound.


Always be assured of great audio quality. Its crystal-clear sound will wow audience members and make you heard above the rest.

You’ll be in complete control with EON ONE MK2’s included mixer with built-in Lexicon effects, reducing the need for clunky gear and offering a world of possibilities at your fingertips. Want to go wireless? Simply connect to your mobile device using the JBL Pro Connect app and make adjustments on the fly.

Bluetooth streaming and makes it easy to play music straight from your phone, too. So you’ll be able to get the party started with your favourite playlist, or provide that motivating mix for your spin classes.

Whatever the use, EON ONE MK2 has got you covered.

Shop Now | JBL EON ONE MK2 Column PA System

EON ONE Compact

Need a more compact solution that’ll still fill any space? Try EON ONE Compact for size.

You’ll be amazed at the sound this little speaker can produce. Its deep bass and excellent frequency response will give you punchy sound wherever and whenever you need it.

Want to set up quickly? Get the EON ONE compact out of the box and get playing: all within a matter of minutes. And with a battery life of 12 hours, you won’t have to worry about finding a power source.


Use Bluetooth to connect four different units together. This is great if you need stress free setup without messes of cables zigzagging across the room. And then control wirelessly too. With the JBL Compact Connect App you can control the levels of the speaker and its inputs, all from afar.

EON ONE Compact is ideal for those on the move. It’s ultra-light weight and super-small size means you can take it with you anywhere, and still have room for more gear in your other hand.

Shop Now | JBL EON ONE Compact All-In-One Portable PA Speaker



With the PRX ONE, JBL have amped up the power of their portable PA systems to the max. If your sound needs an extra something, then this is the speaker for you…

12 speakers are packed into its column, backed up by its 12-inch sub-woofer. This gives you 130-degrees of coverage by using A.I.M technology. And with its towering height, this speaker will fill any space with ease.

While being bigger that JBL’s other portable offerings, PRX ONE is still ideal for life on the road. Its column fits neatly into the base, allowing for easy transport.

The wide range of built-in effects will reduce the need for packing additional units too. This includes EQ, reverb, delay, and more - all produced with high quality DSP by dbx and Lexicon.

And if you want the PRX ONE in a more permanent setting, JBL have got you covered. Easily install the columns and base into any venue for a house PA that truly packs a punch.

Shop Now | JBL PRX ONE Column PA System

Take your sound on the road

JBL PA Systems

There are lots of accessories, configurations, and more to explore for your ideal PA system. Get the busker pack for all you need to take your sound to the streets. Or carry your EON ONE compact with ease using JBL’s specially designed backpack.

Shop Now | JBL PA Bags & Cases

Find out more

Whatever sound solution you need, JBL will have something for you. Browse our collection now and find the PA system that will meet your needs.

Shop Now | JBL Portable PA Systems

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