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TC Electronic Launch 8 Brand New Pedals

TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus Pedal
TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus Pedal
TC Electronic has just released 8 brand new pedals, each with their own respective capabilities and FX.

TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus Pedal

The TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus Pedal authentically recreates the sounds and functionality of a traditional chorus pedal. With a distinctive 4-button selection system you can scroll choose your favourite preset, all of which vary in the amount of modulation. A traditional "motionless" chorus, the pedal produces a definitive eighties tone.

TC Electronic Choka Tremolo Pedal

The Choka Tremolo Pedal allows you to drift in between hard and soft LFO styles. Simple by nature, the Choka Tremolo Pedal's intuitive 3-knob setup lets you choose between different levels of tremolo. From tsunami grade waves to a gentle ebb and flow, the Choka Tremolo Pedal will have a sound for you.

TC Electronic Crescendo Auto Swell Pedal

The TC Electronic Crescendo Auto Swell Pedal allows you to implement powerful and rolling swells into your playing. With an easy to navigate interface that features only two parameters, 'sensitivity' and 'attack', the Crescendo pedal is both simple and pleasing to the ear. With true bypass, the pedal is able to express exceptionally clear signal clarity regardless of its position in your chain.

TC Electronic El Mocambo Overdrive Pedal

TC Electronic El Mocambo Overdrive Pedal The TC Electronic's El Mocambo Overdrive delivers an inspired selection of classic rock and blues tones. With sounds reminiscent of blues rock's finest compatriots, the El Mocambo Overdrive sports a 3-knob interface that moulds your tube-drive into a streamlined masterpiece.

TC Electronic Eyemaster Metal Distortion Pedal

A veritable metal monster, the TC Electronic Eyemaster Metal Distortion Pedal can pile heaps of gain to your tone, giving you a devastatingly heavy output. Running on a simplistic 2 knob operation, the Eyemaster Metal Distortion pedal lets you dial in as much or as little gain as you want, depending on the severity of saturation required.

TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz Pedal

The TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz Pedal grants the user near endless sustain and enough gain to make even the most hardened of rockers wince. Blurring the lines between fuzz and distortion, the Honey Pot Fuzz is a hybrid of sorts. With a range of distortion that's wide enough to cover many different styles, the Honey Pot makes your guitar hit that sweet spot, every time!

Iron Curtain Noise Gate

An efficient, easy-to-use and all analog circuited pedal, the TC Electronic Iron Curtain Noise Gate is the perfect solution to reducing any unwanted frequencies during your performance. With 2-knob interface controls that cover your threshold and decay parameters. With true bypass functionality, your signal will retain all of its integrity, wherever it is in your chain.

TC Electronic Nether Octaver Pedal

The TC Electronic Nether Octaver Pedal allows you to layer your tone with two octaves built upon the original signal. With the ability to unleash a chaotic and glitchy synth sound, the Nether Octaver brings the sounds of an old-time game hall to mind. Much like its counterparts, you can use the pedal as subtly or as obviously as you want thanks to a simplistic and easy-to-navigate interface.

For more information on our range of TC Electronic products, please visit our TC Electronic product page.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 2 Nov 2017 08:10 to category : Instruments News

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