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Summer NAMM 2018: VOX Launches the SUPERBEETLE Guitar Amp, the Single-Channel AC30 S1 and More!

VOX Launches the SUPERBEETLE Guitar Amp, the Single-Channel AC30 S1 and More!
VOX Launches the SUPERBEETLE Guitar Amp, the Single-Channel AC30 S1 and More!

VOX announces a bumper range of guitar amplifiers for June 2018, including the Superbeetle, the Limited-Edition Cream Bronco AC range, the single-channel AC30S1 and more…

In a bumper announcement, we've been introduced to, not one, but four new product lines from VOX in June 2018!

Drawing from its traditional designs, VOX has expanded the iconic AC amplifier range with a stripped-back, single-channel AC30 in the form of the Vox AC30S1 Combo , based on the TOP BOOST channel of the AC30 - tone purists will love it.

VOX has also introduced a limited-edition Cream Bronco colour scheme to complement the AC line, along with a special Limited-Edition Vox AC10C1VS Ltd Ed. Combo featuring a brand-new Celestion Junior V-Type Speaker.

The most radical fusion of old and new comes in the form of the Vox MSB25 Mini Superbeetle . With a design harking back to the '60s, the SUPERBEETLE's classic exterior hides a thoroughly modern, tone-generating Nutube. So, while the SUPERBEETLE may look as it's come straight from the album cover (or should that be LP?) of a certain supergroup from the '60s, the modern Nutube technology helps it deliver a mighty tone from its micro package.

Vox Amps

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VOX Limited-Edition AC10VS Read More…

VOX AC30S1 Guitar Amplifier


Vox AC30S1 Combo

The VOX AC30 has gone down in history as one of those all-time great guitar amplifiers, with a unique sound sitting alongside Fender and Marshall in the family of iconic guitar tones. Since the 1960s, the AC30 has continued to inspire players with its instantly recognisable 'British' sound and, now in 2018, VOX has released a stripped-back version of this iconic amplifier.

The VOX AC30S1 is a single-channel take on the Top Boost channel of the original AC30. This unique, highly touch-sensitive circuit has led to the creation of some of the most recognisable riffs in the history of rock and roll, and it's now back to inspire the next generation of players.

Vox AC30S1 Combo

Featuring a single-channel design, the AC30S1 will appeal to purists and no-nonsense players who simply want to plug in and get a great tone off the bat. A pair of 12AX7 preamp tubes generates the iconic VOX bite and chime, while a quartet of EL84 power tubes offers the sort of boutique-style touch-sensitivity that valve amp players love.

A studio-quality digital reverb is included to add a sympathetic ambience to your guitar tone, while a handy FX loop lets you pair this amp with your favourite pedals; giving you the best of vintage amp tone and modern flexibility.

An external speaker output is included to pair the AC30S1 with your speaker of choice; not that the in-built speaker is in any way lacking - a custom-made Celestion 12-inch speaker has been specially voiced to perfectly complement this amp.

If you're seeking the essence of what makes a VOX amplifier great, we highly recommend you give the VOX AC30S1 a test.

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Vox MSB25 Mini Superbeetle

As far as iconic British bands go, it's hard to beat a certain bug-named supergroup from Liverpool. During the '60s, guitar amps were starting to embrace the overdriven sounds of rock and roll, and VOX was there to deliver the goods. The VOX MINI SUPERBEETLE takes its styling-cues from this era of rock and roll, when stacks of guitar amplifiers were appearing on stages all around the UK and the world.

While the SUPERBEETLE's design may harken back to the '60s, the amp's innards are far from vintage; the inclusion of a modern Nutube is a modern touch that lets this micro-sized amplifier deliver a full-sized tone, making it thoroughly deserving of wearing the iconic VOX badge.

Vox MSB25 Mini Superbeetle

The VOX MINI SUPERBEETLE delivers 50 watts of classic "AC" tone through its Nutube valve. The Nutube is the most revolutionary development in tube-technology since the valve's inception, and it is the result of a collaboration between KORG and Noritake Itron. Nutubes deliver classic valve sounds with none of the problematic aspects of a vacuum tube, not to mention a much-reduced size.

The SUPERBEETLE's tone is delivered through an open-backed cabinet and a 10-inch Celestion speaker, while a tube-driven tremolo and built-in digital spring reverb helps to create the iconic sounds of British rock. An additional headphones/line-out jack gives you the option to practice or record silently and is a nice modern touch that no amp from the '60s would have likely provided!

If you're seeking a classic VOX AC tone and the aesthetics of the British Invasion musical genre, the VOX MINI SUPERBEETLE is the amp for you.

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VOX CREAM BRONCO Limited-Edition Guitar Amplifiers


Continuing the iconic VOX AC tradition that started in 1958, these limited-edition AC custom amplifiers are a stand-out addition to the range. These amps feature a tasteful and refined Cream Bronco colour scheme, complemented by VOX's diamond fret cloth that amp aficionados will love. This limited-edition colour scheme is available on the new single-channel AC30S1, as well as across the AC line.

VOX Limited-Edition AC10VS Guitar Amplifier


Vox AC10C1VS Ltd Ed. Combo

This compact 10-watt combo now features a specially upgraded Celestion Junior V-Type speaker and a cool, vintage-style aesthetic. The new speaker enhances the dynamic range of the amp, giving you even more clarity and tonal versatility.

The simple yet effective controls offer everything you know and love about classic VOX AC tone, in a compact 10-watt amp that is perfect for small gigs and jam sessions.

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 28 Jun 2018 06:00 to category : Instruments News

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