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Steinberg Releases Dorico Pro 2 Music Notation Software

Steinberg Releases Dorico Pro 2 Music Notation Software
Steinberg Releases Dorico Pro 2 Music Notation Software

The popular Steinberg Dorico music scoring software gets brand-new updates and powerful editing features which promise to assist arrangers, composers and media musicians working with video.

Dorico is a popular piece of music notation software designed for musicians, arrangers, composers and teachers. A key part of Dorico's strength lies in its artificial intelligence that seamlessly operates around your work flow and lets you get on with the job of creating music. Steinberg Dorico Pro 2 features the latest innovations from Steinberg and is designed to offer (in Steinberg's words), the "Best automatic notation and engraving of any software". This brand-new software features enhanced editing and layout functions, improved video integration, built-in VST sounds and FX for music-playback, as well as built-in sequencing for enhanced control of playback and automation within the program.

Steinberg Dorico Pro 2

Score Playback

Borrowing the same audio engine from Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo, Steinberg Dorico Pro 2 supports up 32-bit floating-point resolution and an impressive 192kHz sample rate. Dorico supports all VST 3-compatible virtual instruments & effects and it includes the HALion sample engine with nearly 1500 sounds as well as a top-end compressor and brickwall limiter for music playback. Dorico's sequencer with piano-roll lets users edit MIDI data in a similar fashion to a DAW and is ideal for crafting fine details of MIDI playback using VST Expression Maps, automation, and more. Dorico's music playback correctly interprets elements of standard notation including dynamics, tempo marking, grace notes, ornaments, and it features the ability to automatically play complex score structures with repeated sections. This intelligent and realistic score playback means users can get the most accurate representation of how their written music will translate to the real world - perfect for composers and arrangers who like to work completely 'inside the box'.

Steinberg Dorico Pro 2

Video & Multiple Windows

Dorico includes its own dedicated video window, borrowing the same video engine from Steinberg's Nuendo and Cubase. The video window lets you create markers to display in the score while tempo automation lets you precisely line up important cues with specific beats or find a perfect tempo for the whole cue; ideal for composers working to video. Dorico adapts to different computer setups and can work equally well on a single laptop screen as it can on a multiple monitor setup. The video screen features a video thumbnail while the different window modes can adapt to your workflow: Write mode for input and editing, Play mode for tweaking playback, or a mix of both modes within the same window. Dorico lets you easily switch between tabs for the conductor’s score and instrumental parts, or you can split the window to work on both at once. No matter how complex your job is, Dorico's multiple windows let you see precisely the information you need on screen at any one time.

Steinberg Dorico Pro 2

Intelligent Notation Functionlity

One of Dorico's strengths lies in its intelligent score layout and notation input. As Steinberg says, it is "the only scorewriter you can compose straight into without needing to make constant corrections." Dorico automatically manages complex note groupings, as well as other advanced functions such as unbarred music, tuplets across barlines, microtonality and more. The layout engine automatically recalculates note groupings dependent on time signature and lets you get on the job of composing without having to worry about editing parts.

Dorico's new staff management functionality lets users manage the most complex staff layout functions with ease. Brand-new support for divisi means string parts can be easily split, while the ability to add or remove staves at any point means complex parts can be managed with the option to add ossia staves. Dorico now includes enhanced support for rhythm slashes, where it can automatically convert from notation to slashes when copying/pasting between instruments. Dorico's clever new Fill function lets arrangers automatically fill empty bars of music with rhythmic slashes, where it will automatically consider the score's current time signature to display the correct beat grouping.

Elsewhere, Dorico Pro 2 now offers enhanced bar repeats with intelligent grouping; large time signatures for orchestral scoring; and "essential tools for arrangers" - such as pasting music to more or fewer instruments in a single step via the Explode and Reduce functions. Other features in the program have also been improved, including dozens of bug fixes and refined functions. Dorico also supports imports and exports to other programs including MusicXML, MIDI, PDF and more.  

Steinberg Dorico Pro 2

Steinberg Dorico Elements 2

Alongside Steinberg's Dorico Pro 2 software is the streamlined Dorico Elements 2. Dorico Elements is perfect for students, teachers and for those looking for a simple-to-use entry-point into music notation software. Elements features many of the same features from Dorico Pro 2 and lets users get to grips with creating musical scores for multiple instruments, utilising the same artificial intelligence of Dorico Pro 2 to simplify the work-flow.

The Complete Dorico Solution

The original Dorico software was designed to simplify the creation of music notation with its range of automatic features for producing beautiful layouts, clear notation, and clever part dividing which automatically updates when you edit the score. The latest generation of Dorico software promises to take that intuitive work-flow even further and is perfect for composers, arrangers, media composers, students, teachers, engravers, and anyone else working with musical scores.

Find out more about Steinberg Dorico Pro 2 and Dorico Elements:

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 30 May 2018 13:01 to category : Instruments News

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