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Sennheiser Announces Revolutionary IE500 In Ear Monitors

Sennheiser IE 500 and IE 400 In Ear Monitors
Sennheiser IE 500 and IE 400 In Ear Monitors

Sennheiser has announced the IE400 and IE500 - a new kind of in-ear monitor featuring ground-breaking, single transducer technology for "a natural sound never previously achieved."

Sennheiser IE 500 Pro In-Ear Monitors, Clear

The Sennheiser IE 400 Pro and IE 500 Pro are a brand-new range of in-ear monitoring system from Sennheiser. Unlike typical multi-transducer devices, Sennheiser has managed to miniaturise a single high-performance broadband driver, resulting in "a natural sound never previously achieved."

When combined with Sennheiser's own TrueResponse technology, the IE 400/500 is able to deliver a full frequency response with real punch. The super-compact 4mm driver allows for a secure fit, enabling a comfortable performance when used on stage.

As Sennheiser states, current in-ear monitoring technology has stemmed from the development of hearing aids, whereby the multi-driver design was utilised to build compact devices. Only now has Sennheiser engineered a tiny single driver, resulting in a powerfully-large sound from a very small space. A by-product of this design is a "phenomenally low" distortion factor (0.08%), as well as a natural, warm overall tone when compared to other devices.

Sennheiser IE 500 Pro In-Ear Monitors, Smoky Black

Sennheiser has also developed a twin-chamber absorber in the direction of the ear canal, designed to reduce resonant peaks inherent when using monitors in the ear. These resonances would usually mask higher frequencies and tire the user's hearing. With the low-distortion design of the driver, the IE Pros promise long-term comfort during the extended use that is common with gigging musicians and performers.  

Sennheiser IE 500 Pro In-Ear Monitors, Clear
Sennheiser IE 400 Pro In-Ear Monitors, Smoky Black

With a single broadband driver, the IE Pros also provide a much wider sound stage than traditional drivers. The transducers are lightweight, flexible, and softer than other drivers, giving them a solid sound, even at maximum levels. The soft and flexible nature of this driver enables them to shift a lot of air; as Sennheiser states, "the bass and lower mids are not only heard, but also felt. The result would delight bass players, guitarists, and drummers, as well as sound engineers."

Any development in transducer technology is a welcome development for professional musicians and engineers, who rely on in-ear monitoring to achieve a natural sound for often extended periods of time. With its new super-compact design and super-accurate sound, the new Sennheiser IE 400 and 500 Pro's look set to become a ground-breaking choice for professionals. As Sennheiser says, "Together, they represent a new standard in terms of sound, comfort and fit."

Sennheiser IE 500 Pro In-Ear Monitors, Smoky Black

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 19 Aug 2019 12:00 to category : Instruments News

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