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Sebastian Bach Gives His Frank Opinion Towards Modern Music

Sebastian Bach
Sebastian Bach
Speaking his mind about the state of contemporary musicianship, classic Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach expressed his unashamed distaste of today's artists and their penchant for being "too perfect".

Speaking on The Five Count show (via Blabbermouth) Bach said:

"I think it has a lot to do with musicians nowadays recording with so much computer technology that it's almost impossible to feel their real soul. Like in a Skid Row song, like '18 And Life' or 'I Remember you' or 'Monkey Business', that's really the sound that was coming out of my mouth; it's not Pro Tools or computers or anything like that. They didn't exist then."

He then added " I think when you record an album and you go to sing and you can give a half-ass take, and then the producer, or the engineer, puts it on his laptop and adjusts it so it sounds like a good take, but it really is a bad take, that's like the opposite of the way we used to make records. We used to sing it a hundred time, or however many time it took, until we found the magic, most amazing take that we could do."

Formed in 1986, Skid Row have since attained a multi platinum status, cementing themselves as a mainstay in the contemporary rock and glam metal scene. Initially starting out in local clubs in the Eastern U.S, the bands connections with Bon Jovi eventually resulted with the band landing their first ever record deal with Atlantic Records. Their first album was released in 1989 and received a sterling reception from both fans and critics alike. Riding on the crest of their new found success the band went on to release several moderately successful albums.

As time went on a dissolution of relations occurred between the band and front man Bach, resulting in his departure in 1999. 18 years since his departure rumours have since circulated concerning the bands reunion with their former vocalist. Despite Bach's recent dismissal of the reunion due to his "busy beyond comprehension" schedule, talks are reportedly still in place.

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By Josh Hummerston Posted on 11 Jan 2017 11:33 to category : Band / Celebrity News

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