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Roland: New Flagships with the VAD-506, V-Drums TD-50X Series, and VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat

Roland: New Flagships with the VAD-506, V-Drums TD-50X Series, and VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat
Roland: New Flagships with the VAD-506, V-Drums TD-50X Series, and VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat

Roland: New Flagships with the VAD-706, V-Drums TD-50X Series, and VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat

The new Roland TD-50X module and revolutionary VH-14D digital hi-hat form the basis of Roland’s new flagship VAD and TD-50X electronic drum kits.

Roland Electronic Drums

By Matt Wilkinson | Published 14.04.21


With the new VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat and TD-50X drum module, both new and existing V-Drums users can upgrade their setup with premium digital drum technology.

The new TD-50X drum kits are built around these two new offerings and provide another step-forward for the flagship TD-50 series.

The new VAD-706 is also built around these two new products, helping to close the gap ever more between digital tech and acoustic aesthetics - available in a range of stunning finishes.

V-Drums TD-50X series

Featuring a new V-Drums TD-50X Module, VH-14D digital hi-hats (more on that below) and two kit configurations, the new Roland TD-50X V-Drums series is the new flagship V-Drums offering from Roland.

Roland V-Drums TD-50

Roland Digital Pads

“Breakthough” digital pad technology now promises to fully utilise the expressive potential of Roland’s Prismatic Sound Modelling.

With multi-sensor detection on the snare, ride and hi-hat pads, you’ll be able to hear all the real nuances of your playing – from rim shots to cross stick playing and muted cymbals.

TD-50X V-Drums Module

Roland’s Prismatic Sound Modelling offers the most immersive sounds imaginable.

900 premium sounds are crafted from multi-layer samples captured in world-class studios.

Roland TD-50X V-Drums Sound Module

Inspired by the light refractions off a prism, each attack of sound is followed by a complex mix of rich overtones – meaning you can hear every detail from subtle ghost notes to detailed articulations.

Customise each sound to your personal taste and place your kits in a realistic virtual space with PureAcoustic Ambience technology. Roland’s “Mix Inside the Box” approach means you can not only customise individual drum response, you can also control a master mix with mic settings, EQs, compressors, and more.

Find out more | Roland TD-50X V-Drums Sound Module


The flagship V-Drums kit with TD-50X sound module, advanced digital snare, ride, and hi-hat pads, 4 toms, full-size KD-180 Kick, plus full-size layout.

Roland TD-50KV2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Find out more | Roland TD-50KV2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit


A more compact version of the flagship V-Drums kit featuring TD-50X module, advanced digital snare, ride, and hi-hat pads, 3 toms, plus a more compact KD-140 kick.

Roland TD-50K2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Find out more | Roland TD-50K2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

VH-14D digital hi-hats

The new flagship V-Drums hi-hats are found in both the new VAD-706 kits and the V-Drums TD-50X kits.

With two pads and a super thin design, you can get an unparalleled open/closed response along with foot pedal tracking and detailed touch sensitivity.

TD-27 and TD-50 V-Drums users will be pleased to know these hi-hats are compatible – making the VH-14D the ultimate upgrade for your current kit.

Roland VH-14D 14'' Digital Hi-Hats for V-Drums

Find out more | Roland VH-14D 14'' Digital Hi-Hats for V-Drums


The V-Drums Acoustic Design (VAD) series blends acoustic kit aesthetics with advanced V-Drums electronics. Roland has now closed the gap even further with the VAD-706 series.

Electronics-wise, the inclusion of the brand-new TD-50X Sound Module means you can get the next-generation sound of Prismatic Sound Modelling. This is designed to offer unparalleled responsiveness and multi-layer, immersive sounds.

The VAD-706 also features the new VH-14D Digital Hi-Hats which are a revolutionary step forward, offering unparalleled creative control from the slim dual-pad design paired to the TD-50X module.

Roland VAD-706 Series

Elsewhere, Roland’s inclusion of TD-50X V-Drums technology (in the form of the sound module, snare, and ride cymbal) mean you’ll find excellent touch sensitivity to bring out all the nuances of your playing.

The use of real wood shells and traditional mounts makes the VAD-706 feel even more like an acoustic kit, where you’ll find real changes in air pressure from an acoustic kick drum chamber and the natural vibrations from mounting hardware.

Taking the acoustic aesthetic even further, the VAD-706 series is available in 4 stunning finishes.

Find out more | Roland VAD-706 Series

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Roland Drums

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Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design


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