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Roland MC-707 Supercharged with new Sampling and Performance features!

Roland MC-707 V1-30 Update
Roland MC-707 V1-30 Update

Roland MC-707 Supercharged with new Sampling and Performance features!

The Roland MC-707 V1.30 update adds even more sound design and performance features. What’s new?

By Pete Wilson | Published 31.03.20

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Roland resurrected the famous GrooveBox line of products last year with the MC-707 (and its younger sibling the MC-101). These devices gave users a modern approach to making electronic music with a single powerful standalone device.

For those new to the GrooveBox concept, the Roland MC-707 is an all-in-one electronic music production device. It features 8 tracks and allows you to work with drums, synths, instruments, and samples - sequencing and arranging in an easy-to-understand clip-based format. With over 3000 fully editable pre-set sounds and almost 100 effects to work with, it’s a creative powerhouse.

Since the release of the MC-707, Roland has steadily been adding new features through regular updates. The latest of which, V1.30, features some great sound design and performance additions.

V1.30 New feature highlights:

  • Audio Insert function – you can now use up to 4 channels on the MC-707 as mixer channels for audio inputs, allowing you create a hybrid setup with your other synths.
  • Clip Chain function – it’s now possible to chain clips together so they play in a pre-determined order.
  • Note Repeat function added – use this to auto-repeat notes whilst holding down one performance pad, great for making drum patterns.
  • Step LFO – now you can create a custom LFO with up to 16 steps of change for creative sound design options.
  • Motion Drawing Function – design your own parameter movements to automate your sound edits over time.

And in case you missed it, this update is hot on the heels of V1.20 which really expanded the sampling capability. With V1.20 you can now:

  • Sample directly to create custom instruments. You can also re-sample instruments after editing and applying effects.
  • Sample loops and slice them into individual sections.
  • Scale Performance – you now no longer have to perform on the note pads chromatically; try out a large selection of new scales and modes.
  • Chord Designer – Create custom chords and play them via a single pad.

For more info on V1.20, check out this walkthrough from Roland:

These updates are free for every MC-707 user, just download them from the Roland website.

Roland has also now uploaded a complete video manual for the MC-707 to YouTube (over 3 hours’ worth!) to help you understand every aspect of this amazing machine!

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Posted on 31 Mar 2020 12:30 to category : Instruments News

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