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Roland Fantom - Flagship Updates

Roland Fantom Update
Roland Fantom Update

Roland Fantom - Flagship Updates

Roland Fantom gets brand-new cloud-based Expansion packs. Firmware v1.60 also features a new Vocoder, enhanced sequencer triggering, and the ability to share sounds with other users. The flagship is even better.

Roland Fantom

By Pete Wilson | Published 10.06.20

The release of the Roland Fantom was one of the biggest music tech stories of 2019. Roland brought back its flagship synthesizer workstation after a complete re-design from the ground up, aimed at the needs of modern musicians with a slick new look to match.

Featuring a brand-new V-Piano engine, powerful synth section, intuitive pattern-based sequencing, and up to 16 simultaneous sounds from the incredible Zen-Core sound engine; the new Fantom was an immediate hit for live and studio musicians alike.

At its release towards the end of 2019, Roland described the Fantom as a powerful, expandable sound platform that will continue to evolve. True to their word, we have seen several fantastic firmware updates since with brand-new features and sounds. This is testament to Roland’s commitment to support both new and current users.

The latest update is Firmware V1.60, featuring new SuperNatural sounds, Vocoder, Sequencer playback triggered by Performance Pads, and the ability to share sounds with other users.

Fantom Expansion Packs via Roland Cloud

The Roland Fantom has 16 virtual Expansion slots to add new sounds to your instrument. From V1.60, you can now download Expansion content to your Fantom from the newly-relaunched Roland Cloud platform.

Roland Cloud is an online service of virtual instruments, instrument-specific Expansions, and sound packs. By downloading the free Roland Cloud Manager application, you can gain access to Expansion content for your Fantom.

Included in the Expansions are 16 packs based on Roland’s acclaimed series of SRX expansion boards. For the first time, a user can choose to load all of these SRX Expansions into their Fantom.

Here’s an overview of Roland’s SuperNATURAL sounds to date.

SuperNatural Acoustic and Electric Pianos

Two amazing new Expansions for the Fantom are the new SuperNatural Acoustic and Electric Pianos. These two sound banks take full advantage of the processing power of the Fantom and its prisine D/A converters. You’ll find stunning acoustic and electric piano sounds in superb detail.

SuperNatural Strings and Brass

In the V1.50 update, Roland added SuperNatural Strings and Brass sounds to the Fantom. These packs use behaviour modelling to adapt to your performance, meaning solo brass and string sounds can be played with true articulations and techniques that aren’t found in other keyboard instruments.

More Updates in Firmware v1.60

32-Band Vocoder

The Roland Fantom has two microphone inputs on its rear. In the new v1.60 update, these inputs can now be routed via a fantastic new 32-band vocoder.

Pattern playback via performance pads

It is now possible to trigger and control the patterns within the sequencer, directly from the Fantom’s performance pads.

Share Scenes and Tones with other users

It’s now possible for you to share your tones and scenes with other Fantom users around the world. Join an online community of musicians and get the very best sounds to inspire your music making.

Find out more

There are many other performance improvements and features that have been added to the Fantom, and we’re sure there will be many more as Roland continues to develop for this fantastic instrument.

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Posted on 10 Jun 2020 15:38 to category : Instruments News

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