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Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer New to Boutique Range

Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer
Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer
The Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer takes inspiration from the classic 1950s unit, the 'D-50' Linear Synthesizer. A more compact reproduction than the original, the Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer integrates the newly designed Digital Circuit Behaviour with real-life sound samples taken from the first instrument. By doing this, the D-05 Synthesizer can achieve a more authentic recreation of its inspiration, giving players the chance to revel in all of its original 80's glory. Much like the rest of the Roland boutique synthesizer range, the D-05 is a very portable unit. Able to run on USB bus power or batteries respectively, the synthesizer can function as a USB audio/MIDI interface and then be used to perform and produce with a computer.

Initially making its debut all the way back in 1987, the Roland D-50 was the companies first ever all digital synthesizer. Revered for pushing the increasingly vibrant 80's music scene into brave new directions, the D-50 took the world by storm. Featuring exciting and new Linear Arithmetic Synthesis Engine technology, the synthesizer was able to embody an inspiring spectrum of brand new sounds. Built in chorus, reverb/delay EQ and a sleek new design contributed to the synthesizer's captivating sound palette, giving it a wide ranging functionality. Growing increasingly popular over time, the D-50 Synthesizer began to quite literally dominate the sound of an era, making appearances in movie soundtracks, radio jingles and modern music.

At the heart of the D-05's functionality is Roland's groundbreaking DCB technology. By harnessing the D-50's PCM attack and recreating its loop samples, Roland have managed to develop a unique boutique synthesizer that pays homage to one of its most favoured models of all time. As well its vintage authenticity, the D-05 Linear Synth includes a great number of modern upgrades designed to improve its performance and ergonomics. A brand new 64-step polyphonic sequencer makes the synthesizer ideal for compositional practice, and live performances. Sequence the shuffle gate timing and alter the tempo and patch changes to achieve a truly unique sound that is yours alone. An integrated arpeggiator gives your sound even further elasticity, giving it a sense of motion not present on the original D-50 synthesizer.

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Posted on 11 Sep 2017 10:06 to category : Instruments News

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