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Roland Announces a Plethora of Products! New for 2019: Fantom, Aira, Juno, and Jupiter!

New Roland Gear For 2019 | Aira, Juno, Jupiter, Fanton
New Roland Gear For 2019 | Aira, Juno, Jupiter, Fanton

This is a big day for Roland. Just announced - the brand-new Fantom, as well as three other family updates! See what's new for 2019.

Roland is giving us plenty to get excited about right now. Not only do we have the launch of the brand-new Fantom workstation series, there’s also exciting new additions to the hugely popular Aira, Juno, and Jupiter families.

You can read about the new Roland Fantom workstation here or carry on reading to learn about the rest of Roland’s new gear for 2019.

New Roland GrooveBox

Roland AIRA MC-101 and AIRA MC-707

The MC-101 and MC-707 are the newest GrooveBoxes in the Roland Aira range. These powerful production units can operate standalone, letting electronic musicians create music without the need to be tethered to a computer.

The MC-707 offers eight-track recording, sequencing, sampling, studio-grade effects and Roland synth sounds. Users will have no problem being able to write, record or perform music with inspiring levels of hands-on control. The smaller MC-101 is a four-track GrooveBox which can be battery powered, so you can take your beats anywhere!

Don’t be fooled by these new devices’ standalone nature, though. The MC-101 and MC-707 can easily be integrated into existing setups via MIDI, ¼ inch jack and USB, opening a world of possibilities.

Learn more | Roland AIRA MC-101 GrooveBox and Roland AIRA MC-707 GrooveBox

The New Roland Juno

Roland Boutique JU-06A Sound Module

Roland has just launched the JU-06A to join the acclaimed Roland Boutique range, which has become one of this company’s many success stories. These miniaturized (and highly collectible) sound modules allow musicians to recreate the legendary sounds of Roland’s revered synths and drum machines.

The original Boutique range featured the limited-edition JU-06 model, which brought the sounds of the Juno-106 synthesizer back to life. The brand-new JU-06A offers users even more Juno for their money, providing access to the sounds of the Juno 60 and 106, all in one little box! The JU-06A also has an improved sequencer, interface, trigger-in, arpeggiator and more. Given the popularity of the original JU-06, this compact device is sure to be in high demand.

Learn more | Roland Boutique JU-06A Sound Module

The New Roland Jupiter

Roland Jupiter-X

Introducing the Roland Jupiter-X. This is a brand-new series of premium synthesizers with a diverse selection of sounds and advanced features!

The Jupiter name has always represented the pinnacle of Roland’s performance synth lineup, dating to the Jupiter-4, launched in 1978. The new Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm are here to continue this tradition and heritage.

Featuring a brand-new synth engine, the Jupiter-X range taps into Roland’s long history of genre-defining sounds.  Users can take these classic sounds and morph them together into something entirely new, allowing you to explore unmapped sonic territory.

The new Jupiters contain authentic emulations of Roland’s classic synths, including the Juno range and the SH-10, as well as Roland’s drum sounds from the TR-808 and 909. Players will find themselves able to dive into Roland’s rich sonic history, while also having the tools to create new sounds of their own.

The Roland Jupiter-X is a fully featured, 61-key performance synth built for the studio and the stage, with a spacious, full-size control layout. The 37-key Jupiter-Xm offers serious performance and creative functionality in a compact, slimline unit.

Learn more | Roland Jupiter-X 61-Key Synthesizer and Roland Jupiter-Xm

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By Pete Wilson

Posted on 5 Sep 2019 08:40 to category : Instruments News

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