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PreSonus | 3x Christmas Promotions - Cash Back on all Hardware and Free Plugins with Select Devices.

PreSonus Christmas Promotions 2018
PreSonus Christmas Promotions 2018

PreSonus | 3x Christmas Promotions - Cash Back on all Hardware and Free Plugins with Select Devices.

Buy PreSonus devices before 31.12.18 and receive up to 100 EU cash back! Plus, claim free plugins with Studio-Series interfaces and the StudioLive Series III Mixer.

Presonus Cashback Promotion
Presonus Channel Strip Promotion
Presonus StudioLive Series III Promotion

PreSonus is celebrating Christmas early with its three promotions, available on devices purchased from 21.11.18 to 31.11.18. With a cashback offer on all hardware and free plugins with select devices, now is the perfect time to shop PreSonus!

1 - Christmas Cashback

Presonus Cashback Promotion

Shop now | PreSonus

Buy any PreSonus hardware from 21st November to 31st December 2018 and claim up to 100 EU cash back!

  • Spend 250 EU or more and receive 20 EU back.
  • Spend 500 EU or more and receive 45 EU back.
  • Spend 1,000 EU or more and receive 100 EU back.

Now is the perfect time to make a great saving on all PreSonus hardware, so don't miss out!

After purchase, customers must complete and submit the cashback application form by email to

PreSonus will issue cash back is proof of purchase is provided and the product is registered with PreSonus between the promotion dates. Available in UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Netherland. PreSonus will issue one Cash Back application per customer with a maximum total pay-out of 100 EU. PreSonus reserves the right to end this promotion at any time.

2 - Free Channel Strip Collection with Studio-Series Interfaces

Presonus Channel Strip Promotion

Shop now | Free Channel Strip Collection with Studio-Series Interfaces

Purchase a PreSonus Studio-Series audio interface from 21.11.18 to 31.12.18 and receive the Channel Strip Collection for FREE!

The interfaces included in this promotion cover everything from the portable PreSonus Studio 2 4 to the fully-featured PreSonus Studio 192. Each interface includes premium XMAX preamps and incredible 24-bit 192kHz audio over USB 3.0 connections.

The Channel Strip Collection, worth $80, is designed to add "tasteful depth and color to your tracks and mixes without leaving the box." The collection includes the RC5000 (modelled on the solid-state RC500 FET Channel Strip) and the VT1 (modelled on a high-end tube channel strip).

The VT1 is designed to add a musical warmth to your sound, giving you the tonal nuances of a real tube preamp. It combines a modelled Class A tube preamp with a FET-based compressor and semi-parametric EQ. The RC500 features a FET-based compressor and a semi-parametric EQ to provide a sound that is reminiscent of classic high-end hardware devices.

Presonus Channel Strip Promotion

Each plugin was modelled using PreSonus' State Space Modelling- a ground-breaking physical modelling technique which delves down to the component level ensuring that, even at extreme settings, the plugins provide a characterful and musical response. Each plugin is digitally optimised for maximum efficiency when running inside your computer production setup. The Channel Strip will automatically be added to your my.PreSonus account upon hardware registration.

3 - Free Classic Studio Fat Channel Bundle with StudioLive Series III Mixers

Presonus StudioLive Series III Promotion

Shop Now | PreSonus Digital Mixers

From 21.11.18 to 31.12.18, buy a StudioLive Series III Mixer (console or rack) and get the Classic Studio Fat Channel bundle for free!

If you've been considering buying a PreSonus StudioLive Series III mixer, now is the perfect time as you'll receive a complementary PreSonus Classic Studio Fat Channel Bundle (worth $249)!

All you need to do to qualify is purchase a StudioLive III mixer (console or rack) between 21.11.18 - 31.12.18 and register it to your account at The downloadable plugins will be added to your account.

Presonus StudioLive Series III Promotion

The Classic Studio Fat Channel Bundle is a collection of 4 world-class studio units, including:

  • FC-670 Compressor - a modelled take on an iconic compressor from the '50s/'60s which "imparts an unmistakable silky warmth on just about any signal."
  • Brit Comp - the unique sound of a VCA gain-reduction amplifier design. The Brit Comp is perfect for adding punch to drums and percussion or taming the wide dynamic range of a piano.
  • Alpine EQ-550 - a model of a '60s vintage EQ using three overlapping bands divided into seven fixed frequency points, each with five steps of boost or cut. The high and low ends of the spectrum have a selectable peak or shelf, while an independent bandpass filter lets you shape your sound. This plugin is designed for quick and "acoustically superior equalization".
  • Solar 69 EQ - this plugin creates the sound of a British-style EQ to shape the sound of anything you put through it without losing the body and depth of the original sound.

See a YouTube playlist of the entire Classic Studio Fat Channel bundle.

The PreSonus StudioLive III mixing consoles bring together the two worlds of live sound and studio recording. Each mixer provides an incredible amount of power to mix complex projects while simultaneously recording multi-track audio, free from the tether of a computer.

The StudioLive III series features premium preamps, realistic digital emulations of outboard gear, wireless connectivity, customisable scenes, motorised faders, network connectivity, wireless control, powerful routing capabilities, and much, much more.

Now is a better time than ever to purchase one of these premium mixing desks, giving you a free collection of premium plugins to fatten up your sound in an instant.

Watch the official overview of these incredible mixing desks below.

NAMM is back for 2019! For all the latest product news please head over to NAMM 2019.

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 27 Nov 2018 15:03 to category : Instruments News

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