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Pre-Order Roland SPD-SX Special Edition Sampling Pad

Roland SPD-SX Special Edition Sampling Pad
Roland SPD-SX Special Edition Sampling Pad
The Roland SPD-SX Special Edition Sampling Pad introduces premium grade sampling capabilities to professional musicians who are looking to supplement or enhance their live performances. Featuring a massive increase in its memory capacity, the Roland SPD-SX Special Edition now contains 16GB of data as opposed to the previous model's 2GB. With the potential to store up to 50 hours worth of data (10,000 files), you can transport your entire library of sounds in the confines of this intuitive and extremely portable unit.

Whilst practically indistinguishable in functionality from the first SPD-SX, the SPD-SX Special Edition's huge memory increase allows users to load high-quality WAV samples capable of lasting the entire duration of a performance. Whilst the quality of your samples improves, so too does the quality of your overall performance.

Able to respond to any musician's live requirements, the SPD-SX Special Edition can sample and assign instruments to any aspect of your performance, giving your songs a more profound sense of depth. With the included Ableton Live Lite License and Wave Manager software, you can experience unprecedented sound selection, and the ability to seamlessly filter through your favourite samples thanks to the unit's onboard control panel.

Fitted with three multi-effects engines; one master and two assignable per kit, you can alter your mix and output during your performance. With instant access to the filter, delay and short looper you can manipulate your parameters in real-time and rely on the SPD-SX Special Edition's user-friendly layout for effortless navigation.

Completely expandable, the pad supports the addition of four extra pads. With the inclusion of sub outputs, you can now monitor send individual pads to separate channels on the mixing desk. You can also route the SPD-SX Special Editions' individual pads right through the phones output as well, giving you next level playback facilities.

For more information on our range of Roland products please visit our dedicated Roland product page.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 13 Sep 2017 09:38 to category : Instruments News

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